Organic Southwest Tortilla Soup Vitamix Style


I love soups and bone broths because they’re an easy way to get in a lot of  high quality nutrition into my system, FAST!, and they are usually awesome leftover (whether they’ve been in the fridge or freezer). I am a big fan of serving easy dinners on busy weeknights and there is nothing easier than defrosting some soup out of your very own freezer. I  love this soup because it comes with so many “accessories.” You could certainly eat it plain,Recipe: Tortilla Soup - 100 Days of Real Food but it is amazing how the flavor suddenly changes when you pile avocado (if you like avocado), grated cheese, lactose free sour cream, and cilantro on top. We even sometimes toast tortillas (to make them crunchy like chips) and throw them in the mix as well.

Even though this dish is meatless it would still be great if you wanted to add a little raw chicken when you sauté the veggies (or even some leftover cooked meat at the end). Just like most of the recipes I post this one is super flexible. If you don’t have or like zucchini then use a different vegetable instead. If you randomly find a half container of mushrooms in your fridge…throw them in. Get creative and use what you have on hand to make this dish easy and budget-friendly!


  • Start with HOT Water, Fill to  2.5 cups  only (look at your container) You May run it on the whole cycle as well and you don’t have to use the hot water. The soup will be more raw and fresh if the water temp does not exceed 118 degrees
  • Then turn in on low first, they spin it up to 10 on variable low,
  • THEN turn it on High
  • If You have a Machine With Timers put in the SOUP SETTING and turn in on!
  • Start adding the Ingredients below ONE BY ONE through the top of the container
  • Or You can PRE ADD THEM
  • 1 Carrot (a regular carrot, not a baby carrot)
  • 1 Celery Rib
  • 1 Thin Slice of Cabbage (optional)
  • 1 slice of Onion or 2 Pearl Onions
  • A slice of Red or Yellow Bell Pepper (don’t forget the seeds!) or use a whole mini pepper
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes or 4 Campari’s Tomatoes
  • A medium clove of garlic (with peel)
  • Spice to taste of “Blend-It-Up Spice Mix” or any Organic Southwest Seasoning
  • (Using the coupon code #  01659 at gets you a 20% discount)
  • A Veggie Bullion Cube No MSG Organic is Best
  • A 1/2 inch thick slice of cheese (Organic raw sharp cheddar is really good) if you do cheese
  • 1 Thin Slice, and I mean thin, of Lime (optional)  only if you like that lime taste
  • 1/2 of and avocado to thicken it and give you EXTRA nutrition. I use this in place of cheese



AFTER you have place all your  ingredients  in your container, Add hot water up to the 2.5 cups line in your container – this is less than 3 cups because there are already ingredients taking up space in the container. I like to use my electric tea pot to pre-heat the water.  This saves time, must be the “man” in me.  If you don’t have a Vitamix with the timer feature, you can use a timer and let it run for your desired recipe time, usually about 6 -8 minutes when NOT using hot water.

Blend on high until the temperature goes back up (the room temperature or cold vegetables will cool off the hot water). Also don’t go from “off” to “high speed” all at once… start on variable speed low, turn the dial up to high, then flip the switch to high. I don’t blend too long because I don’t want to cook the vegetables any more than I have to, however, you can blend as long as you like to get the soup to the temperature you want. Feel the container – you can tell when the container is getting nice and hot!
Whenever you use the Vitamix to heat a soup, you are making a broth (because the heat comes from the friction of the blades spinning at 240 mph).  If you want a soup with texture, all you have to do is keep the machine on high until the broth is as hot as you want it, THEN drop the switch from high to variable, and adjust the dial down to the lower variable speeds (start at #1 and work you way up only if necessary).  
While the blades are spinning at variable speed #1, add whatever you want for texture and the blades will chop it up for you!
In my Tortilla Soup, after the broth is done… I turn the blender switch back down to variable speed #1 and add about 1/2 cup of my “must goes or accessories”… these are ingredients that add for flavor and texture. These ingredients can be whatever you have in your refrigerator that “must go”, or, whatever ingredients have the flavor that you like.  When I am doing a Whole Foods  show, I use organic black beans and  organic corn that comes in the can.  
At home I’ll also add some pre cooked  grass fed steak.  On the lower variable speeds, your Vitamix  will  shred (more like shred) whatever meat and accessories you put n   the soup. I usually use the pulse feature if your machine has one on level 2!
Other Add ins for “accessories” include:
Bell Pepper
Black Beans
Cooked Brown Rice
Green beans









I Use This Celofiber Product Shown in Video Above at Home MY FAVORITE


Great Yeast and MSG Free Bullion Cube ALL ORGANIC








Organic Southwest Tortilla Soup Vitamix Style
Recipe Type: Organic Tortilla Soup
Author: Ingo Loge
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
  • 1 Carrot (a regular carrot, not a baby carrot)
  • 1 Celery Rib
  • 1 Thin Slice of Cabbage (optional)
  • 1 slice of Onion or 2 Pearl Onions
  • A slice of Red or Yellow Bell Pepper (don’t forget the seeds!) or use a whole mini pepper
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes or 4 Campari’s Tomatoes
  • A medium clove of garlic (with peel)
  • 1 small squirt Garden Gourmets Organic Chili Pepper Paste
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to taste if not using bouillon
  • 2-3 good shakes of “Blend-It-Up Spice Mix” or an Organic Southwest Seasoning
  • A Veggie Bullion Cube from
  • this company is best
  • A 1/2 inch thick slice of cheese
  • (Organic raw sharp cheddar is really good)
  • 1 Thin Slice, and I mean thin, of Lime (optional)
  • 1/2 of and avocado to thicken it if NOT USING CHEESE
  1. Turn it to soup setting if you have a machine with timers
  2. if you don’t start on low for 15 seconds, then gradually turn it up to high
  3. let it blend for 6-7 minutes.
  4. Cook time can vary if you are starting with hot water or have more ingredients that are COLD coming out of your fridge.
  5. When Finished… You will see the steam coming out when you remove your lid.
  6. Add your “Must GO” items
  7. Turn Machine to Variable 2 and pulse to Shred and Chop your Must Go’s!
  8. Serve, Garnish and Enjoy


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