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In my Deep Health coaching program, I often find that clients initially express a desire to lose weight. While this is a valid short-term goal, it’s crucial to recognize that weight loss alone, even if significant and achieved at a comfortable pace over about a year, is inherently short-term.

The post-weight-loss phase is where the real challenge lies. Unfortunately, statistics show that over 90% of dieters not only regain their lost weight but often gain more. To ensure sustainable weight loss, it must be approached through lifestyle changes that bring enjoyment and fulfillment. As your coach, I implement the coaching for deep health method, aiming for a holistic transformation that encompasses all dimensions of well-being.

Coaching for DEEP HEALTH  means more than just the physical aspects of appearance or performance. It extends to how you feel, think, respond, and cope with life’s challenges. Weight loss becomes a natural byproduct of these comprehensive changes.

The concept of Deep Health aligns with the New Economics Foundation’s perspective on wellbeing:

 In my exclusive Deep Health coaching program, We’ll FIRST Look at your Genetic Markers, Food and Chemical Sensitivities and we’ll do a Complete Blood Cell Count just so we have REAL TIME where you are today data. All done at your home or local lab that we send you to. With the data in hand we then emphasize the six dimensions of deep health, focusing on a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods, sufficient exercise, genuine rest, clean air and water, real human connection, sincere emotional expression, and living with purpose and joy. This approach ensures that weight loss is not just a goal but part of a broader journey towards lasting well-being.

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When constructing a new home or building, a groundbreaking ceremony marks the beginning. Similarly, we delve into the essentials, understanding your true needs and desires. This ensures you have the tools and commitment to withstand any health or fitness challenges that may arise in the future.

You will receive personalized guidance from Ingo, tailored to the best path for you. His expert coaching takes into account your responses to our online questionnaire we’ll send you, your goals, budget considerations, and the time you can commit to achieving overall Deep Health for a lifetime of well-being. 

 Real People, Real Results!

“Certain People Make a BIG Impact on Your Life! I know that without a doubt I have changed  my life and how I approach nutrition and my overall health.  That wasn’t just me, in fact it was due in large part to you…”

“By following Ingo’s fitness, lifestyle, coaching and nutritional advice over the last two years, I feel the best I have in over 20 years.

I now have an appreciation for “real” foods, have developed a knowledge base around food that is easy to implement and get back to; all without a lot of stress. We are living in a very stressful time in our world’s history. Your health, fitness and nutritional needs shouldn’t add to that!

We all need energy and clarity of mind in order to be our very best during these crazy days. As the saying goes…..”Most of us spend more time planning a two week vacation than in planning and taking care of our lives”

Terry M. Johnson

Area Director, Southeast Region World Vision Inc

 “If you have the chance to experience an event or a breakout session with Ingo be sure that you do. He is phenomenal! Ingo was our featured presenter at our Chopra Center employee training.

His “me first” 10 min morning ritual was outstanding!

Our staff still rave about his training! Ingo’s knowledge combined with his passion provided an informative and interactive learning experience.

If you are searching for a way to kick start a new healthy lifestyle or compliment your existing daily routine, then contact Ingo for his platinum assessment.”   

Janis Steiner

Event Planner & Department Manager, Deepok Chopra Center for Wellbeing

“I know it is your nature to be humble and make your clients feel 100% good about what they are doing and what they have accomplished.

While admirable and for most the right thing to say or do, but for me that is not the case.

I have wanted to get back in this type of shape for over 15 years and couldn’t do it….You have given me far more than I could even articulate.

I know  that without a doubt I have changed  my life and how I approach nutrition and my overall health.  That wasn’t just me, in fact it was due in large part to you…”

Steve Pufpaf

Vice President of Sales for Western Region, Marriott International


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