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This Months Featured is How Keto Will Change Your Life… And How to Prevent Alzheimers With Your Fork

Living long and healthy is its own reward, but keeping track of how can be a lot work. Thankfully, longevity guru and USC Longevity Institute professor Valter Longo details his practical nutritional guidelines for an extended stay on planet Earth.

Intermittent Fasting How To and Why

The Secret Power of Fasting for Longevity and Healing.


The Complete Guide To Fasting

You Are Not What You Eat?

Best Fat Loss/ Body Healing Video Online

Gerson Theraphy Explained Charlotte Gerson Excellent Presentation

Dr. David Getoff (Awesome!)

Dr. Getoff on Agave, Fructose & More

“Live” Foods = Ultimate Health Gerson Therapies

What is The Gerson Therapy?

Your Brain Needs This and That

The Monsanto Papers GMO’S

Plant Based Therapies Yes or No?

Defeating Disease with Whole-Food Plant-Based-Diets

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

Splenda Was an Insecticide

Ingo on CBS

Unveiling The Lies of GMO’S

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

People Who Live The Longest on Earth

 8 Ways to Stop Night Binging

 Sugar & The Only Rules You Need To Eat Healthy

3 Doctors Debate The Best Way To Eat 

Cooked! Why We Love Our Food. Google Talks Event Michael Pollen

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