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Tired of Spinning Your Wheels on Life’s Hamster Wheel?

Ready to Truly Feel Alive?

 Whether you’re yearning to break free from stagnation, pursue your passions, and forge a purpose-driven career; seeking to infuse each day with more joy and purpose, and rediscover your sense of direction; or determined to conquer your inner doubts, insecurities, and the persistent lack of self-belief hindering your fullest potential…



What I am Not

A Therapist, Your Parent, Caretaker or Financial Planner. I will refer you to the best if needed

I Help My Clients

Reach Their Goals. Keep Things Very Confidential, I Protect Everything You Tell Me. I am a Proffessional and Take That Seriously

I am Available

I recognize the importance of the relationship we have. And I strive to keep myself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually available. So I can be there for you fully.

Your Investment

As a professional coach, I’m paid in advance for individual coaching programs. I don’t bill for each session. I do “Gift Sessions” to those with special financial needs

With a Coach, You Will: Reach For Much, Much More Because of the Structure and Support.

You will Also:


Take More, Better, and Smarter Actions Because You Set the Goals YOU Really Want

Alternately, humans do what they really want to do anyway, Find out exactly what you really want for yourself and your business or personal life. Is really our first task together. I help you distinguish between what you “coulda”, “shoulda”, “oughta, “and have-to-want from what you, in your heart of hearts, really want for yourself. Once you create the ideal goal, you’re much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach it.

Have a Balanced Life That Works Well Because You Designed it "Selfishly"

Sorry, but having it all means starting with a balanced life. And you know what that means? It’s time to be very, very selfish. Not egotistical, but selfish. With a capital S. I’ll show you how to be selfish yet responsible. And how to get your needs met and still have people like you! This process is called establishing your personal foundation. That is my signature program. You’ll love building your PERSONAL FOUNDATION because you know you’re worth it. You need this base if you are to be yourself.

Make and Keep More Money. You are Worth More Than You Are Making

Money, Money, Money! You must have it. And have a lot more of it than you think. You know you can make and keep more money., so why don’t you? I’ll help you increase your business, fill your practice, pay off old bills, setup financial plans and a future., and help design A strategy for you to earn more from your professional efforts. Yes, you can!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a Unique and Distinct Profession. A Coach Helps You and/your Family or Business To:

  • Solve Problems
  • Reach Goals
  • Design a Plan of Action
  • Make Decisions

In addition to these areas. As your coach,

  • I stay with you to implement the plan of action, working through the inevitable changes in any obstacles.
  • I help maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.
  • I Keep looking ahead to take advantage of opportunities that are just now formulating.
  • I Bring out your personal best, Keeping focused on your needs, values, and vision.
How I Coach

Because each professional coach has his or her own style of coaching clients, I thought that you would be interested in knowing how I coach, what I expect of my clients, and what my clients can expect from me.

My Clients Are Great!

I am blessed with the privilege of choosing you, my clients; I wanna enjoy each one of you. You are all growing, successful, and, well, and I am assisting you to further your personal, spiritual and professional life.

I Expect your Best

If you’re hiring me, then you’re probably ready to do and be your best. And if you aren’t doing your best, I’ll ask you to. If you can’t do that at the moment, I’ll understand and do what you need to be heard, loved, and helped back onto your path.

I Make Direct Requests

From time to time, I’ll make a binding inquiry, like. In quotes will you accomplish X by the end of the month? End of quotes? You may say yes, say no, or offer another solution. I’ll make you write whichever way you respond.

I Give Straight Advice

If I’m sure of the situation, and if you are open to it, I’ll make a specific suggestion on how to handle a problem. Or go for an opportunity. If I am not sure, I’ll say so, honesty is one of my values. I am straight and expect the same from you. Regardless, use the best of what I say and use your own judgment.

You Are Expected to Use Me, Not Depend on Me

As your coach, I am a resource for you to use to your best advantage; I have an almost unlimited amount of love, compassion, forgiveness, and strength for you, and I can share my principles that will increase your success and add to the quality of your life. I asked that all my clients use me as this resource and the friend that I am, but not to let themselves get into the position of needing me. Or coaching., as a dependency thing or a fix?

I Do Give Homework "Lots" Lol

I usually ask you, the client, to come up with two or three goals, actions, or shifts. To have between 1:00 call and the next period. If it’s too much, just say no. If you want more, please ask.

I am Here
I want to hear it all. If you have a personal problem, or disturbed with something., even me or the coaching, Are just starting to realize something. Big, or can’t wait to share a shift or a win, Call or e-mail me. Anytime.

My Approach

 My Coaching Program is all about self care. Some of you might ask, why self care, what does that have to do with my career, health, business or family? What I have learned since I first started coaching in 90’s is that if things are not working at home they are not working personally, spiritually and professionally; If one experiences proffessional challenges, there exist personal challenges as well. I believe that doing Personal Foundation Work is the place to start. Beginning at the foundation will certainly end a lot of start and stops that you might have encountered previously on your road to change and development. Specifically, these are concepts that have made a huge impact on my life. I will send you via email the whole program to look at during our Exploratory Free Session if you like.

Ready for a Breakthrough?

Take the first step…


Sample: What Are You Tolerating Right Now?

What is a toleration?  It’s the rug that you trip over every day on the way out the door, the room you cringe as you walk by because it needs to be painted, the nail biting habit you know you should stop, but just don’t.

“A toleration is something that is put up with or endured; it is a burden and eats up time, money, and mental space,” The Coach U Personal and Corporate Coach Training Handbook. 

Other examples of tolerations include:

  • A desk stacked with paper
  • A co-worker who spends all day complaining
  • Limited trunk space in your car because it’s filled with miscellaneous gear
  • Not exercising when you know you need to

Can tolerations be eliminated?  YES!!!  The desk full of paper can be organized, you can stop listening to your co-worker complain, you can clean out your trunk, and you can find ways to get yourself to work out.

It is important to note that one person’s toleration is another person’s way of life.  A messy desk may bother me and not bother you in the least.  Basically, it’s a toleration for you if it creates frustration, drains your energy, or distracts you from what is really important.

What are the benefits of eliminating your tolerations:

  • Reduced frustration and anxiety
  • More energy
  • An un-cluttered perception of life and the beauty in it
  • More freedom

People who clear up tolerations often find that it opens up space for their creativity and intuition.  Tara Gupta, Wellness Coach and former client says, “As soon as I got rid of just a few tolerations I had a feeling of openness and space.”

Just creating awareness of your tolerations can start to melt them away.

The first step is to make a Tolerations List. When making your Tolerations List, try to shoot for at least 30 tolerations.  Areas of your life to examine for tolerations include:

  • Work:  environment, co-workers, equipment, procedures, tasks, your boss
  • Other People:  your friends, your neighbors, your spouse, your children, relatives, clergy, your doctor
  • Yourself:  self criticism, unproductive behaviors, your appearance, your health
  • Your Home Environment:  your house, your car, your neighborhood

Once you’ve made your list, look for the tolerations that will be easy to eliminate.  Or make a plan to eliminate your three biggest tolerations.  You will be amazed to find that your stress level will drop just be eliminating a few of your tolerations. Hiring a coach like Ingo will help you build the skills and consistency to Eliminate what’s on your list.

The 10 Areas That You Might be Working on Are as Follows…

A. Clearing Unresolved Matters
B. Restoring Your Integrity with Yourself and Others
C. Getting All of Your Needs Met
D. Extending Your Boundaries
E. Raising Your Personal Standards
F. Eliminating What You Are Tolerating
G. Coming from Positives
H. Resolving Key Family Relationships
I. Developing A Supportive Community
J. Re-orienting Around Your Tru Values

How It Works

Pricing Private Coaching is an Art and a Science.



For instance: You can find a resume coach who charges $50 an hour for a quick resume upgrade, and you can find one who charges $3,000 for a brand new resume.

Or put another way: You can find a cheap phone for $100, or you can pay $1000 for what Apple is selling you lately, and you know what?

Apple is doing fine.

So, before you do anything else, remember this lesson: 

People pay for perceived value.


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My “VIP” Signature Personal Foundation Platinum Package, New Year New You!  with 20 x 90-minute video or phone Personal Foundation coaching sessions, an initial two-hour life strategy session, 10 emergency 15-minute calls,  and worksheets and tools as required plus a very nice “graduation lunch” – all to be redeemed over 6 to 12 months.

Programs Start in January,  March,  June,  and September 2024-2025

Investment: Reach Out Via the Form Below as I Use a Sliding Scale 

Our Most Popular 90 Day Breakthrough  Coaching Package. Featuring The “Clean Sweep” Program, The “NeedLess” Program,  and The “Tru Values” Program comes with 6 x 60-minute bi-monthly video sessions , unlimited coach access between sessions,  3 emergency 15 minute calls and worksheets and tools as required.

Investment: Reach Out Via the Form Below as I Use a Sliding Scale 

Whether you are ready to enroll In one of my upcoming programs or have a few questions, I am here to help you with the next steps. You can make an appointment. Or you can get in touch with me through the form below. We can always. Do a complimentary exploratory session. At no charge.


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