Cancer Diet and

Immune System Enhancing Diet

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Before I Begin With This Special Section on Cancer, I Need to be Very Clear About Something.

The information contained here is NOT meant to treat cancer or any other disease.

In fact, I do not treat cancer since I as a holistic health care practitioner, clinical nutritionist and certified health coach and many other health professionals and research scientists do not consider it to be an illness.

Cancer is a condition that can occur in the body due to an immune system that is not able to do its job correctly. We know that by the time a cancer can be medically diagnosed by most traditional testing methods, it is has generally been growing for 5-10 years.

The body was unable to destroy the first few cells (that many experts say our bodies produce every day) and the cancer cells slowly grew and multiplied. As they became larger, they possibly gained the ability to shield themselves so that the body not only could not destroy them, but in fact might not even have known they were there anymore.

The purpose of what I do and of what the information set forth here is designed for is therefore NOT to directly kill cancer cells. Cancer cells are in fact YOUR cells and not the cells of some different organism such as would be the case if they were a virus, bacteria, or parasite.

The idea is to change the biological terrain (just as you change the water in a fish tank to keep fish healthy, we need to change the blood chemistry) of your body so that it is no longer hospitable to having the abnormal cancer cells, while at the same time helping your immune system to do its job better.

In this way, if successful, some of the cells will RE- dedifferentiate back to normal cells while others will be destroyed by your immune system’s soldiers such as your NK or natural killer cells.

This can be a long and difficult task and some immune products can be costly. Remember how many years it took for these cells to get to the point they are currently at!

The most important things that must all be carried out as soon as possible are (in no particular order):

If you have been diagnosed with any type of Cancer, you MUST read The Definitive Guide to Cancer, It helped me tremendously. On page 6 the authors describe what the cancer does to take over the section where it starts growing.

The authors state that the cancer cells are like vampires and will do anything to keep the blood near them, the cancer cells problem solve, they are very smart! They even send out tendrils to attach themselves to that blood to feed themselves so they grown bigger and bigger.

They set up a network of blood attachments to always have a on the spot resource of blood available to them. The Authors hint that the patient will need to find drugs or ALTERNATIVE/NATURAL medicines to stop this from happening.

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Cancer Diet & Nutrition (Immune Enhancing)

Special CANCER (and Immune Enhancing) Diet


Image result for Eating 4 Health Ed Bauman

Before I begin, let me clarify something about food choices, cancer, and the medical industry. Physicians are taught almost nothing about clinical nutrition and diet. Dietitians are also taught almost nothing about clinical nutrition and neither professional would be able to pass the national board exam in clinical nutrition. To ask most doctors about nutritional supplementation or diets for cancer would be like asking a plumber or an electrician for information about how to make your financial investments.

Always be certain that you ask questions from professionals who are thoroughly trained in the area of your question or else their incorrect answers and lack of knowledge will be partly your fault. It can be very difficult to radically change your dietary habits. Keep in mind that your body is fighting a tremendous battle and it needs your help in two very important ways.

First: Your body needs you to do your utmost to eliminate all of the things, which helped it, get to its present unhealthy condition.

Second: Your body needs you to supply it with all of the necessary building blocks and possibly many special supplements so that it can work its magic (but it is not magic) of helping to support and increase its ability to fight the cancer cells.

FOODS TO ELIMINATE (as much as possible)

All foods with any type of natural or synthetic sweeteners added. (Use Stevia instead). This includes all sugars including molasses, corn syrups, honey, fructose, fruit concentrates, fruit juice concentrates, etc. Small amounts of Raw/Unheated/Unfiltered honey only if absolutely necessary; And possibly Xylitol that appears to be an anti-bacterial sugar, which at least in small amounts is not causing any problems or altering the blood sugar level.

A study done in Europe showed that microwaving changes the molecular structure of foods, making them depressive to the immune system, therefore I highly advise against the consumption of foods cooked defrosted or re-heated in a microwave if you are trying to improve your health and immune system.

All foods made from any kind of flour should be reduced as much as possible, or eliminated. This includes whole wheat breads as well as all cakes, cookies pastas, etc. If you insist on eating pasta, make it a whole grain spelt pasta and eat as little pasta and as much vegetable/tomato sauce as possible. The body converts flour products into sugars very rapidly, and cancer feeds on this sugar.

Let’s feed the healthy cells and not the cancer. Also eliminate all popped or puffed grains as these may be even worse. If you must eat some kind of bread (I don’t eat bread) the best ones I have found are the two Paleo breads from as well as their Net Carb Zero bread which is available in the freezer section at most Whole Foods. Their Paleo Wraps are acceptable as well.

Ezekiel Bread IS NOT ACCEPTABLE as it contains BOTH wheat and soy.

Eliminate all foods cooked in any type of deep fat fryer whether fast food or at a fancy restaurant. In other words, no French fries, onion rings, tempura, fried zucchini, etc. (ask me how to make healthy ones). No chips unless they are baked, not fried, (and contain NO added oils) and keep that to an absolute minimum since they are made from flour.

Eliminate any food which contains any partially hydrogenated oil of any kind. Do not use standard types or brands of vegetable oils, only Flora and Omega brand unless it is extra virgin olive oil. All oils must be refrigerated! Use Omega Oils – Catalog 1-800-661-3529

No ordinary quality poultry, meat, fish and eggs.  Use only organic grass fed (from birth to death) beef and lamb, wild caught low mercury fish (see my fish chart) and eggs listed on their box as being BOTH organic and  pastured. 

Check the Cornucopia Egg Scorecard.  Poultry is even more difficult.  You want heirloom organic pasture raised chicken, turkey and duck if at all possible.  If you have a Whole Foods Market in your area, hopefully they still sell Mary’s brand chickens in which case get the Heirloom Organic, as we do here in San Diego.  If not, at least find free range organic poultry which is the next best and NEVER get boneless or skinless as that is not natural.

No canned foods, and frozen only if necessary. Fresh live foods whenever possible. No fruit juices because they are concentrated sugars and are just as bad as a candy bar. No store bought mayonnaise, they are all made from very bad and rancid (but deodorized) oils, you may use “Soy Free Vegenaise” from your health food store No regular table salt. Use only special (non-white) unrefined sea salt called “Real Salt” from Redmond Minerals.




Fresh vegetables raw or cooked. No limit, eat lots of non-starchy vegetables! and season them however you like them best. (Most spices are very healthy especially ginger and turmeric and all fresh herbs). Cooked vegetables are often digested more easily by people with cancer than raw vegetables, unless the raw ones are juiced.

Raw fresh fruit should be reduced as much as possible, however an apple a day or a portion of fresh berries is fine as long as it is not strawberries. Beans, always soaked over night first and eaten in small quantities. Neither grains nor beans should be a dominant food source for any meal but rather may be added in SMALL quantity if desired. Beans are far better than grains and the best grain for most people is Barley. Adzuki, pinto, kidney, lentils, etc..

DO NOT EAT ANY SOY PRODUCTS EXCEPT THOSE THAT STATE ON THE LABEL THAT THEY HAVE BEEN EITHER FERMENTED OR AGED! (Miso, tempeh and natto are good, but tofu, soy milk and soy cheeses are bad) for more information go to Or and put soy into the search box.

Small grains need not be soaked such as amaranth, quinoa, and teff. Black or red quinoa are healthier than the ivory one and these small ancient grains are some of the most nutritious. Barley converts to sugar very slowly and is therefore also an excellent grain. In general, grains should not be consumed as a main food but rather as a small portion, if desired, along with your plate full of healthy vegetables, properly raised animal protein and good fats and oils.

Eggs are fine as long as you buy Grass Out Door Pastured as your first choice or Free Range as your second choice. Top brands (if they meet the previous criteria) include Vital Farms, Pasture Verde, Frenz, Eben-Haezer, and a few others. They may be cooked by themselves or added to any other food. Poached or boiled is best. For frying use coconut oil, palm kernel oil or ghee.

Eggs should be from vegetarian fed hens and be free of hormones and antibiotics. The pastured ones get the additional benefit of eating some of the worms, insects, and foliage that are part of their natural species-specific diet.

Cook beef and lamb as rare as possible. The best is grass fed and organic, but grass fed is the most important. Rare beef (or lamb) has a great deal more nutrition and is also much easier to digest than beef cooked medium or more.

Pasteurized milk has had much of its health benefits and all of its enzymes destroyed by heating, so the only good quality milk in southern California is RAW from Organic Pastures or Claravale – whole never reduced fat. If you MUST drink a pasteurized milk, get the Grass milk from Organic Valley or the milk from Strauss dairy, but the RAW is far- far better if grass fed raw is available in your state. Use foods as presented by nature, every time humans change them, we make them less healthy.

Good quality organic plain Goat, Sheep or Whole Milk yoghurt is OK if you have no problem with dairy products. You may sweeten it with stevia, luo han or Yacon syrup and add a SMALL amount of fresh sliced berries for added flavor if you must.

Acceptable oils for any kind of cooking or sautéing are limited to Ghee, grass fed butter (Kerry Gold is fine), or coconut or sesame oil from either Omega, or Flora. 

Omega may be ordered at 1- 800-661-3529 For oils which will not be fried such as for making salad dressing, or for use in soups, stews or on the few acceptable noodles (Kelp Noodles or Shirataki noodles only) use extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil if not heated at all, sunflower oil, pistachio oil, walnut oil, or a combination from the Omega or Flora (or Rapunzel) . Only use unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar when making your own salad dressings.


THE BEST water is NOT TAP AND NOT DISTILLED. Fiji and Volvic are good or any bottled water which says that it is from an artesian well and has a pH of between 7.0 and 8.0. Two of the best drinks are good water and fresh pressed organic vegetable juices. (Must be raw and NOT pasteurized) Okay, once in a while you could make a healthy soda from seltzer or club soda with a small amount of some good quality freshly juiced (by you) organic lemon or limes with stevia for added sweetness.

A Fresh lemon or lime may also be squeezed into your daily water for added benefit if you like. Much better soda would be if you used Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water instead of seltzer with Stevita, NOW, or Sweet Leaf brand flavoring drops added. But water is better than carbonated water.

Never eat within 2 hours of bedtime. Stevia, a special herb, is acceptable as a sweetener. (Different brands taste differently) Yacon syrup is also acceptable as a sweetener as it U.S. made xylitol from xylitol USA as it does not make you gassy or cause any loose stool.

Some possible beginning supplements while you’re waiting to see me. If you wish to be aggressive in assisting your body in its ability to fight or if you wish to add them to whatever your own health practitioner is doing with you.



  • A good multi-vitamin such as Garden of Life’s One Daily for Men or One Daily For Women. Super Nutrition’s Perfect Family iron free. (Regular with iron only if your iron is proven to be low with a ferritin blood test, ask your doctor.) Perfect Family is normally taken as 2 tablets towards the end of breakfast and 2 more towards the end of dinner. Never take a multi at the beginning of a meal or without food. This supplement is available at many health food stores. Start at one with these two meals and after a week raise it to 2 in order to get your body adjusted to a high potency multi. If two doesn’t feel good then remain at 1 and 1.
  • Extra vitamin C 2000mg per meal. (Min 6,000mg/day) There are many good products available including Lypo-Spheric C packets (if you can afford them they are the best thing next to IV therapy),  Health Force Naturals Vitality C powder or any good manufacturer’s multi-ascorbate form of vitamin C. My favorite tablet is Rainbow lights SUPER C in tablet form. These will due just fine. Up to 3 per day or until you start getting a loose stool.
  • Milk Thistle Capsules 160mg with breakfast and dinner for basic liver support (liver support)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 100-200mg with each meal (Jarrow is a good brand) (it is a liver support and anti-oxidant)
  • Parent Essential Oils: I have a personal story with this product that is hard to ignore because of the results. I am happy to share with you anytime what this product has done in my life. The product is made of cold pressed seeds and is sold under the RAIN SOUL name. The ingredients D-Ribose, Black Cumin Seed, Black Raspberry Seed, Chardonnay Grape Seed Blend are (EXCELLENT together in a 2 ounce concentrated shot.) You will notice in 30 days or less, better sleep, reduced inflammation, better mental clarity, more energy,  and a host of other benefits that the 3 seeds provide. Take up to 3 Packets Daily (read more about it here) to order call this number and use my number ID# 327527 to order try for 30 days. You can also call me. 760 458 1843.  Order straight from my site here as a retail or preferred customer. 
  • Vitamin A from Fish Liver Oil Capsules. 30,000iu per day for 30 days only then reduce per your health advisor. Vitamin A is different than fish oil caps.

    Fish oil and cod liver oil are two different oils even though they both come from fish and have a similar fatty acid profile. Fish oil is extracted from the flesh of tuna, herring, cod and other deep-sea oily fish species. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA but doesn’t have much vitamin A or D.

    Cod liver oil comes from the liver of the cod fish. It has less omega-3s but is very rich in vitamins A and D. It was routinely spooned out to children in the 1960s as a source of vitamin D in northern Europe where sunlight is limited during their long winters. And it may return to fashion again given the increasing reports of borderline deficiency of vitamin D now appearing. Some people take cod liver oil in winter when they spend less time outdoors so don’t make their own vitamin D from sunshine, then switch to fish oil in summer so as to not take in more vitamin D than they need. If you like numbers, cod liver oil contains less EPA and DHA (around 8% EPA and 10% DHA) than fish oil (at 18%EPA and 12%DHA).

    CORE a  One ounce shot. Say goodbye to green smoothies and hello to CORE. Scientifically formulated, CORE packs nutrients in just one, easy-sip pouch. 1oz of this green-based powerhouse detoxifies your body, boosts immunities, provides essential vitamins and minerals, and reduces inflammation. Getting your greens has never been easier. This gets the body used to the immune changes. If a loose stool occurs, raise the dose more slowly. Text me  to order or stop by the website here–

  • Premium MAV Fish oil capsules if you don’t or do eat fish, these will help, they are burp-less and SUPER HIGH QUALITY with great reviews.  Note: When you get the bottle Pelagic fish means they are fish that live in pelagic zone of lake waters or ocean waters. Being they are neither close to the bottom nor near the shore. This type of region is the largest aquatic habitat for 11% of known fish species. They include herrings, sardines, bluefin tuna, oceanic sharks, indo-pacific sailfish and ocean sunfish. Suppose to be rich in essential fatty acids and high in EPA-DHA. My label doses not mention which of these fish are being used for the fish oil. I can tell you I have gotten no fish burps nor after fishy taste from this supplement.  Purchase Fish Oil Premium Omega 3 from MAV here
  • Plus Generation from Beachwood Canyon 3 capsules with breakfast and another 3 with dinner.
  • Immune Builder 5-Mushroom formula capsules from Mushroom Science (the best mushroom company I have ever found.) Read more about them, but they do work in ways you can’t even imagine. Mushroom Science is the only mushroom company in North America following quality standards this rigorous, and is the only mushroom company providing clinical quality, guaranteed potency mushroom supplements with the potency listed on every label. From the selection of the genetics to the organic cultivation techniques, from the temperature of the final extraction to the most informative label on the market, Mushroom Science controls each and every step. Every Mushroom Science extract is carefully crafted to deliver the maximum benefit each medicinal mushroom has to offer at better health food stores at least 2 capsules per meal I generally have patients take 12 per day in divided doses with, or 15 minutes before meals.

  • To begin slowly and carefully removing heavy metals such as mercury, lead, etc., I generally recommend ACZ nano spray which is available from various places including A good dose if it causes no reactions is 5 sprays twice each day after gently shaking the bottle. Some people need a lower dose to avoid a detox reaction but most can use 5 twice a day.
  • Liver and Kidney support such as Liver Balance Plus and Kidney Rescue from the . 2 of each with both breakfast and dinner. Start with 1 of each with both meals then raise to 2 and remain there is you do not feel any added fatigue or headaches. Also available from A good dose if it causes no reactions is 5 sprays twice each day after gently shaking the bottle. Some people need a lower dose to avoid a detox reaction, but most can use 5 twice a day.

These suggestions are nowhere near the amount of information you need when you are fighting cancer, but it is a substantial start. I do not really like to give supplement suggestions prior to our initial consultations, however since I am generally booked 6-12 weeks ahead, I make an exception with cancer. In addition,

I use VERY and I mean VERY few network (MLM) or Direct Marketing products in my practice, but Immune-26 used by one of my mentors and teachers and Rain Soul Pure Seed Oil Nutrition listed above are excellent products and enables you to get started prior to seeing me in person if you are so inclined. I Took Up to 3 Packets a day and saw tremendous results.

Please consult your current health professional before starting any new program. This information is neither a cure for cancer nor a general recommendation that everyone take if they have been diagnosed with cancer. I do not know you and have never met you and so this is simply a very short list of some beginning supplements that I often use with cancer patients. It is NEITHER a personal recommendation nor a treatment suggestion nor a prescription. Two of my favorite DVD’s on cancer are Cancer Nutrition and Healing by Jerry Brunetti and my own Cancer Your Doctors Lack of Knowledge can Shorten Your Life. Both are available from

Free Book For You!

If You Are On Chemo Therapy, Dr. Baumans

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Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and Spices for Cancer Prevention and Recovery

By Dr. Ed Bauman

Plant foods contain literally thousands of beneficial compounds in addition to macronutrients (complex carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fiber), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and phytonutrients (protective chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants). Biochemist and Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi first discovered the tremendous power of a family of phytonutrients called flavonoids in 1936.

Thousands more phytonutrients have been discovered since 1936, most of which are now known to be faithful defenders against all types of illness. Phytonutrients abound in the fruits of some plants, in the leaves or stems of others, and in the skin or white pith of still others. These phenomenal phytos act in a synergistic way with other nutrients to regulate critical bodily functions, such as those controlled by the liver and the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. Choosing a chemical-free Eating for Health® plan takes full advantage of these phytonutrients in the form of fruits, vegetables, and “booster” foods such as herbs, spices, and seaweeds that are critical pieces in the puzzle of maintaining and restoring good health.

Plant Food: Your First Line of Defense

We want to clearly emphasize that food is the best line of defense against breast cancer and its spread. That said, due to biochemical individuality and a history of insufficient micronutrient and phytonutrient intake, targeted supplementation with specialized nutrients may provide immediate backup support. However, we are aware that some folks believe they are getting an insurance policy by washing down their fast food with a chaser of vitamins. This is not a winning strategy. In fact, a report from the International Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Cancer concurred that the additive and synergistic effects of phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables are responsible for their powerful antioxidant and anticancer activities (Liu and Felice 2007). With that, let’s look at some of our favorite cancer-fighting foods.

Top 15 Hit Parade of Cancer-Protective Foods

Foods work on multiple body systems to nourish, cleanse, and heal. An Eating for Health® diet provides six to twelve servings a day of fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. Each of the following plant foods contains as many as one hundred cancer-protective phytonutrients. Some of these phytonutrients have been consistently associated with elements of cancer protection and healing in population-based epidemiological studies; others show great promise in laboratory and animal research but are still awaiting confirmation in human research. If you haven’t already tried these foods or made them a part of your weekly routine, you’ll want to add them to your to-do list right away!

Food Active Constituents Proposed Activity*
Apple Phenolic compounds Inhibit cancer cell proliferation, reduce inflammation
Bitter melon Eleostearic acid Induces cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis
Berries Flavonols, hydroxycinnamic acids, anthocyanins, and phenolics Inhibit cell proliferation, lower all inflammatory markers
Broccoli Sulforaphane, indole  3 carbinole Inhibit breast-cancer stem-cell activity, inhibit cancer-cell motility, enhance detoxification
Celery Apigenin, luteolin Inhibit aromatase activity
Fatty fish (wild) Omega-3 fatty acids Anti-inflammatory, downregulates cancer-promoting PcG gene
Flax Lignans, omega-3 fatty acids Reduce inflammation, downregulate HER-2 expression
Garlic Diallyl disulfide Reduces cell adhesion and Invasion
Green tea Green tea Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) Inhibits a number of tumor-cell proliferation and survival pathways
Lemon D-limonene, citrus pectin, auraptene Reduces cancer cell adhesion, downregulates IGF-1 and other growth factors
Shiitake Mushrooms Polysaccharides Enhances immune system, facilitates cancer-cell cytotoxicity
Pomegranate Ellagitannins Facilitates antiproliferative and anti-aromatase activity
Seaweed Fucoidan, iodine Detoxify, promote apoptosis
Turmeric Curcuminoids Inhibit cell proliferation and invasion, lower inflammation
Whey protein (organic) Immunoglobulins, lactoferrin Inhibit proliferation of mammary epithelial cells in vitro and in vivo


*The studies cited here are representative of the many hundreds of studies undertaken to examine the relationship between food and breast-cancer risk and development.  For references and more information, check out the Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors (2012) by Ed Bauman, Ph.D. and Helayne Waldman, Ed.D., New Harbinger Press

More Proven Options For Those With No Hope

The Gerson Therapy.

There are Clinics And Online Caseworkers As Well.

Links Are Below.

  1. The Kit (Amazon)
  2. The Book The Gerson Therapy (Amazon)
  3. Dr. Gerson’s 50 Proven Case Studies (Amazon)
  4. Their Website, Locations, Cost, Contra-indications and Treatment Options,
  5. FREE Gerson Therapy Handbook (Download it now for Free) Right Click and Save As.  $184.00 value. PDF file.

 Charlotte Gerson is Amazing, Feisty and Very Knowledgeable Her Clinics Are Located World Wide

The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization located in San Diego, California, dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte Gerson, founded the Gerson Institute in 1977, to spread awareness of the Gerson Therapy and make it available to people across the world. The Gerson Therapy is a safe, natural treatment developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920s.


While the Gerson Institute, as a non-profit organization, does not own or operate any clinics, we license clinics that practice the full Gerson Therapy according to our high standards for treatment. As of now, there are two inpatient clinics that are licensed by the Gerson Institute: the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, and Gerson Health Centre in Hungary. Patients come to the clinics to begin the Gerson Therapy under the care of the Gerson doctors. While at the clinics, the patients and their companions also take classes and lessons to instruct them on how to practice the therapy on their own, so that they can continue following the Gerson Therapy once they return home.

Anti Cancer Diet Tips. Want to PREVENT it?

Look no Further Than Your Plate and What YOU Put on it Everyday.

Image result for Anti Cancer Diet Pictures

A Vegan Diet (Hugely) Helpful Against Cancer

This is empowering news, given that most people think they are a victim of their genes, helpless to stave off some of the most dreaded diseases. We aren’t helpless at all; in fact, the power is largely in our hands. It’s on our forks, actually.

Thinking about making some diet changes? Before you do anything too restrictive, how about making some simple changes that could just help reduce your cancer risk. I’ve put together some of my favorite recommendations for eating clean and preventing cancer.

If you’re anything like me, the “C” word leaves you trembling. But today there is very good news to report: Research suggests you can improve your odds of never getting cancer and/or improve your chances of recovering from it. Not with a drug or surgery, although those methods might be quite effective. This is all about the power on your plate, and it’s seriously powerful.

A 2012 analysis of all the best studies done to date concluded vegetarians have significantly lower cancer rates. For example, the largest forward-looking study on diet and cancer ever performed concluded that “the incidence of all cancers combined is lower among vegetarians.”

That’s good news, yes. But what if we’re looking for great news? If vegetarians fare so much better than meat-eaters, what about vegans? Is that an even better way to eat? We didn’t know for sure until now.

A new study just out of Loma Linda University funded by the National Cancer Institute reported that vegans have lower rates of cancer than both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Vegan women, for example, had 34 percent lower rates of female-specific cancers such as breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer. And this was compared to a group of healthy omnivores who ate substantially less meat than the general population (two servings a week or more), as well as after controlling for non-dietary factors such as smoking, alcohol, and a family history of cancer.

Why do vegans have such lower cancer risk? This is fascinating stuff: An elegant series of experiments was performed in which people were placed on different diets and their blood was then dripped on human cancer cells growing in a petri dish to see whose diet kicked more cancer butt. Women placed on plant-based diets for just two weeks, for example, were found to suppress the growth of three different types of breast cancer (see images of the cancer clearance). The same blood coursing through these womens’ bodies gained the power to significantly slow down and stop breast cancer cell growth thanks to just two weeks of eating a healthy plant-based diet! (Two weeks! Imagine what’s going on in your body after a year!) Similar results were found for men against prostate cancer (as well as against prostate enlargement).

How may a simple dietary change make one’s bloodstream so inhospitable to cancer in just a matter of days? The dramatic improvement in cancer defenses after two weeks of eating healthier is thought to be due to changes in the level of a cancer-promoting growth hormone in the body called IGF-1. Animal protein intake increases the levels of IGF-1 in our body, but within two weeks of switching to a plant-based diet, IGF-1 levels in the bloodstream drop sufficiently to help slow the growth of cancer cells.

How plant-based do we need to eat? Studies comparing levels of IGF-1 in meat-eaters vs. vegetarians vs. vegans suggest that we should lean toward eliminating animal products from our diets altogether. This is supported by the new study in which the thousands of American vegans studied not only had lower rates of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, but significantly lower cancer risk as well.

This makes sense when you consider the research done by Drs. Dean Ornish and Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn; they found that a vegan diet caused more than 500 genes to change in only three months, turning on genes that prevent disease and turning off genes that cause breast cancer, heart disease, prostate cancer, and other illnesses. This is empowering news, given that most people think they are a victim of their genes, helpless to stave off some of the most dreaded diseases. We aren’t helpless at all; in fact, the power is largely in our hands. It’s on our forks, actually.

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