The Vitamix Does More For You and Your Family Than Any Other Single Kitchen Appliance.

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I worked for Vitamix for many years as one of their demonstrators for live events. I love this company so much that when we moved to Texas I asked them if I could become an online rep and so here we are today with this page!   

The links below go directly to and all of them listed include free shipping on all orders and purchases it doesn’t matter the size. Plus, an extra $20 discount on Ascent Series (Smart System Series) blenders.



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New Accent Series Smart Systems 

Accent Series 3500
Accent Series 3300
Accent Series 2500   
Accent Series 2300

48-oz Dry Grains SMART SYSTEM

Blending Bowl Starter Kit
Blending Cup Starter Kit
Blending Bowls
Blending Cups
Aer Disc

Classic Vitamix’s We Love

Pro 750  (We own this one!
5200 Standard  We also own this one
S55 Portable/Travel
S30 Portable Travel (yup, this one as well)

32-oz Wet Container
32-oz Dry Grains
Aer Disc

Personal Cup Adapter 

Certified Reconditioned Vitamix (Just Like New Series)

Reconditioned Certified Standard
Recon Certified Standard Programs (we have the red one) Formerly the Pro 500 Series
Recon Certified 7500
Recon Certified Pro 750
Recon Certified A2500
Recon Certified A3500


Filtration Bag For Juice or Nut Milk
3-Spatula Set
Perfect Blend Scale
Blade Scraper