The Cancer Crushing Pineapple Stem! (aka the seed)

Written by Ingo Loge

September 9, 2014

Pineapple Stem Just Might Combat Cancer!

And Based On My Research and Personal Experiences to Date I know These 3 Seeds Definitely Might Crush More Than Just Cancer!

 See Why This Has Been Hailed as One of The Most Important Anti-Aging Supplements Ever Discovered

Lately I have been tossing the STEM into the Vita mix rather than the trash. I am going to give you some facts and a recipe or two as well, but first a few facts that I discovered on the net.


Immune System Blast

Pineapple Extract contains bioactive chemicals. Two molecules isolated from an extract of crushed pineapple stems have shown promise in fighting cancer growth. One molecule called CCS blocks a protein called Ras, which is defective in approximately 30% of all cancers.

The other, called CCZ, stimulates the body’s own immune system to target and kill cancer cells.It is hoped the research, carried out by Queensland Institute of Medical Research, could lead to new anti-cancer drugs.The origin of many anti-cancer drugs can be found in nature

The extract studied by the scientists, bromelain, is a rich source of enzymes and is widely used as a meat tenderiser, to clarify beer and tan leather hides.The Queensland team discovered that the extract also had pharmacological properties and could activate specific immune cells while, simultaneously, blocking the immune function of other cells. Lead researcher Dr Tracey Mynott said: “We suspected that different components of the crude mixture might be responsible for bromelain’s biological effects.

“In searching for these components, we discovered the CCS and CCZ proteins and found that they could block growth of a broad range of tumour cells, including breast, lung, colon, ovarian and melanoma.”

New Actions:

Both CCS and CCZ are protease enzymes, more usually associated with breaking down proteins, as in the digestive process. Dr Mynott said it was the first time this class of enzymes had been shown to have a specific effect on the immune system.

“The way CCS and CCZ work is different to any other drug in clinical use today.

“Therefore, CCS and CCZ will represent a totally new way of treating disease and potentially a whole new class of anti-cancer agent.” Dr Julie Sharp, at Cancer Research UK, said: “The origin of many anti-cancer drugs can be found in nature.

“However, it’s early days for this research and the real test will be to see if the effects seen in the lab can be reproduced successfully in patients.”

Learn About and Watch Me Blend  The Avocado Seed Here


Add the stem to my Get up and Go Green Drink found here or blend it up and use the recipe below

  • 1 Cup Water
  • 4 Pineapple Slices 1/2 Inch Each (No Skin)
  • The Stem Only The Yellow Part
  • 1 Cup of Ice
  • 5 Mint Leaves
  • Blend Until Smooth

More On The Pineapple From Dr Axe

In 2007, researchers published a groundbreaking article in the Planta Medica journal about a certain enzyme being found to be far more effective than the traditional chemo-agent used in the treatment of cancer. That enzyme was bromelain, and its main natural source is pineapple.

In tests treating cancer in animals, bromelain was found to be more effective than 5-fluoracil (5-FU) when compared to an untreated control group. 5-FU has been used in the treatment of cancer for over 40 years, but its main problem is that it kills or irreversibly damages healthy cells and tissue as well as cancerous ones. Bromelain was not only found to be more effective but was also many times safer than 5-FU.

Natural compounds, such as bromelain have selective cytotoxity and they are able to kill cancerous cells in a self-disassembly process called apoptosis while leaving healthy cells unharmed. No FDA approved cancer-treating drug on the market can yet emulate this process as chemo-toxic agents such as 5-FU do not behave like natural compounds.

What is Bromelain?

Bromelain is a protease enzyme that is found in the stem and fruit of pineapples. This natural extract has been found to speed healing, acts as an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen and helps dissipate bruising. Applied topically, it aids the healing of cuts, burns, insect bites and other skin problems.

Bromelain has been used for decades to fight inflammation naturally. It is useful for those suffering from arthritis and can speed up healing associated with surgical procedures. It is very useful for treating sporting injuries including sprains and can help counter pain as it acts as an analgesic.

For digestion, bromelain is a powerful aid to breaking down proteins into peptides and amino acids. It can ease the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and helps the general digestive processes. Studies conducted in Japan showed that taking bromelain helped those who had a wheat allergy.

Another powerful use of bromelain is that it fights blood clotting and is nature’s answer to those taking an aspirin a day to lower the risk of heart attack. Bromelain has been shown to stop blood platelets from sticking together or building up along the walls of blood vessels – both known causes of heart attacks or strokes. More information about bromelain as an anti-coagulant can be found on the report.

The discovery of bromelain’s efficacy in the treatment of cancer may yet make it an even more important natural medicine.

Why Pineapples will Never be Used to Treat Cancer in Mainstream Medicine
It is a sad fact of life that medicine research is ruled by profits. It does not benefit Big Pharma to plough money into developing a natural substance, such as bromelain in pineapples, as the resulting therapy would be non-patentable. Even if the treatment is found to be safe and affordable, these complementary treatments are of no interest to medical giants. Unless the government decides to back research and development into such research, bromelain will never become part of the conventional medical establishment. However, there is nothing to prevent individuals from using freely available open research and reports to discover possible natural cancer treatments such as bromelain so that they can make their own informed decisions about their treatment.

Another reason why eating lots of fresh juicy pineapples will not effectively provide a sufficient dose of treatment is that most of the bromelain is found in the core and stem of the pineapple. These are the parts of the fruit that are the most inedible, so these enzymes are used to make homeopathic supplements of bromelain instead.

Bromelain supplements can be found in many forms, including tablets, capsules, powders and topical creams. Taking between 80 and 320mg a day is considered a safe and effective dose. My favorite source of Bromelain is found in Wobenzym by Garden of Life. In the meantime, there is no reason not to enjoy a sweet juicy pineapple in your diet alongside a bromelain supplement. Pineapples are packed with other vitamins and nutrients to ensure a wholesome healthy lifestyle.

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