World Class Coaching

The Results of Your Eat, Move and Live Awesome Immersion Experience Will Be Life Changing

Six and Twelve Week  Camps Designed Around Your Life!

  • You are Unique Just Like Your Fingerprints. Our First Session Will Incorporate a Complete Immersion. Be Prepared For Self Discovery and a Plan of Action You Have Never Had or Seen Before (Allow 4 Hours)
  • Results Formulated “Workouts” or “Work-In’s” Based  on Your Intake results (45 min)
  • Weekly Classroom Setting Lifestyle/ Movement, Food Coaching (Group, Family or Individual Setting)
  • 2 – 3 Weekly Workouts  4 Weeks (40 min each)
  • 3  Weekly Workouts Weeks Last 2 Weeks (55 min each)
  • Movement and Fitness Are Practiced and Taught Here in My Dallas Studio


Merging Ancient Wisdom With The Latest Cutting-Edge Science In Fitness, Health, Lifestyle, Habit Change Performance & Optimization

You Will Have Some Self Discovery At The Apply Here Link! Free of Charge to Fill Out and Get Feedback From Ingo.

My coaching programs are not “another diet plan” or “get skinny quick” gimmick. You’ve probably tried that stuff already. (And you’re probably tired of it.) Instead, The training and protocols offered here are a different, better, easier, and more fulfilling way to improve your body and live a good, healthy life no matter what your endevors.

Our Platinum Assessment and Workout



Is your knee, hip, or back hurting after a walk or from sitting to long at your desk? Perhaps you want to start an exercise program again but are afraid of aggravating an old injury or making a current one worse…How about headache issues, It just might be your posture, lack or water or protein during the day. I have a solution for you… Assessment!  If you’re not assessing, you’re basically guessing on what to do.

This is where measurement comes in of all your body functions, movement, limits and where you are at “right now”  Ingo will assess your current Metabolism, Strength, Posture, Movement Patterns, Balance, Digestion, Sleep Patterns, When You Eat, What You Eat and Stress Patterns.

Lastly, we’ll talk about Restorative Sleep therapies and your body’s Re-Generation capabilities. We’ll also assess core function/strength, your current lung capacity and grip strength.  After this day together you will have a plan of action to follow that is tailor made for you!

Titleist Performance Golf Fitness Training


Increase Your Drive, Improve Your Game, Recover Faster, Reduce Injury Risks. A great trainer like Ingo will have an assessment and a corrective phase to correct asymmetries and dysfunction before embarking on strength training.

Most people rate their golf fitness based on how much weight they move, not how well they move the weight. The reality is that explosive activities can actually mask movement dysfunction.

Stiff Guy Yoga 

30 and 50 Min Sessions

This class is for guys and gals who have limited mobility or stiff muscles. If you want to explore flexibility or are looking for a perfect complement to a different sport (golf, tennis, running, etc.) this class is a must. Developing flexibility is exactly the reason you go to yoga. It’s a practice that you build into.

Yoga does balance your sexual hormones and increase the release of pheromones, which draws sexual attention and increases libido. It also rids the body of toxins that affect sexual performance and reproductive health.

Primal Movement Pattern Training


Primal Movement Trainings goal is to make changes in you. Through better movement you will be able to enjoy whatever you like doing in life. We want to show you the potential we all have in us buried deep down.

The 10 Elements of a Primal Session: 1) Mobility preparation: 2) Injury prevention, 3) Torso coordination, 4) Sub-maximal plyos, 5) Skill training, 6) Resistance training, 7) Games – This segment is one of our favorites, 8) Free-flow practice –  9) Energy system development, 10) Mobility cool down.

Bridal Party Boot Camps

21 Day, 6 week, 3, and 6 Months Available

Your big day is just around the corner. You want to look stunning in your gown when those doors swing open and your loving groom is waiting for you at the end of the aisle. But you are also not exactly sure what to do, right?

This unique bootcamp with Coach Ingo is for the super busy bride (and bridal party) who has tons to do every day including work (or school), wedding planning, spending quality time with your fiancé and more!

Ingo Has Been Educated and Certified Through Some of The Best Institutions In The World

Real People, Real Results

“Certain People Make a BIG Impact on Your Life! I know that without a doubt I have changed  my life and how I approach nutrition and my overall health.  That wasn’t just me, in fact it was due in large part to you…”

Terry Johnson


“By following Ingo’s health coaching and nutritional advice over the last two years, I feel the best I have in over 20 years. I now have an appreciation for “real” foods, have developed a knowledge base around food that is easy to implement and get back to; all without a lot of stress.

We are living in a very stressful time in our world’s history. Your health, fitness and nutritional needs shouldn’t add to that! We all need energy and clarity of mind in order to be our very best during these crazy days. As the saying goes…..

Most of us spend more time planning a two week vacation than in planning and taking care of our lives”

 Terry M. Johnson, Area Director, Southeast Region World Vision Inc.

Jennifer Costello


This testimonial has taken me months to write.  The reason for this is that it is a difficult task to try to tell you in just a few words how Fitness Forever has changed so many things in my life.  I’ll start at the beginning.  In August, 2006, my sister in law and Ingo plotted to get me into some sort of fitness routine! 

I really wanted that, too, but I had tried for years to take off weight and work health and fitness into my busy schedule with no luck at all. (I say this knowing that many of you reading this have said the same thing!)  I was pretty much promised that if I put fourth effort for thirty minutes twice a week on this fancy new machine called the Power Plate, that I would start to see changes. 

Well, I am a mom to three incredibly busy teenagers, a wife and an elementary school teacher and I really believed that this would be something that would just eat up more time.  But I also knew that, if this was the one thing that would work for me, I needed to try it.  I signed up for  six weeks  of Power Plate sessions.

Well, it’s true. Doing nothing more than 30 minutes of exercsies specifically designed for me by Ingo my

body changed in ways that shocked people that have known me for years. And as I continued to work out, Ingo would feed me (no pun intended) little tidbits of nutritional information that only added to my new found energy and health. Then, for Christmas, my amazing husband gave me the Six Week Nutritional Bootcamp as a gift.  It was supposed to be a gift for only me, but in learning how my health and energy depend greatly on the quality of food I eat and the type of lifestyle I live, I have been able to bring healthy lifestyle changes to my entire family!
Well, it’s been a year. I’m 6 dress sizes smaller and armed with the knowledge of how I can remain healthy for  the rest of my life. I have never had this amount of energy.  I have had illnesses disappear and medications that I have taken for years have been lessened to next to nothing.   I was so influenced by the education that I received from Ingo that I am now a Metabolic Typing Advisor myself and looking forward to helping others find the freedom that I have found by changing how I eat and move!
There are no words to describe what a blessing it has been to me to find Ingo and have him share his knowledge and time.  It has changed the whole family and I encourage any busy mom, ( or dad) out there to come in and see what it can do for you.  You will not regret a minute of it!    Jenny Costello, Mom, School Teacher…

Georgie Cook


“Ingo, thank you for everything that you have done for me. I have suffered from chronic fatigue and C.diff for a while . I went to everyone from specialists to Naturopaths. No one ever asked me what I ate. Simple (or complex) as that! 

You Gave me the tools I need to create a better life. Your Coaching kept me on track all the way. You taught me I had to “work in” before I could “work out” (You didn’t throw me into some massive exercise program, that I would fail at)

This is a total lifestyle change, not a fad. I will be forever grateful. If you have any doubts about Ingo or his ability the proof is in the puddin so ta say look at me in 6 weeks!

Peter Shorts


 “I tried the conventional gym trying to lose weight and regain some endurance and stamina.  41 and insulin dependent, 343 pounds.  How did I get here?

Four months later I had lost 10 pounds and gained it back. A close friend recommended Ingo.  She explained that this training studio was state of the art and the trainer was different. Not the huge, impersonal meat market of large health clubs.  Intimate and professional. 

I was reluctant, but what I was doing wasn’t working either.  I decided to give it a try.  This was the best decision of 2006. Ingo Loge journeyed with me and provided a education, physical training, menu preparation, motivating personality, and dedication to the process that I have never expe-rienced before.  Mr. Loge was knowledgeable and open.

He understood what my goals were and explained that I needed to refine the way in which I ate and exercised. The level of education, the CD’s and reference books painted a clear picture. 

We discussed my diabetes and innovative programs.  It all started to make sense.  The heart monitor, understanding metabolic rates, core work,  and the cardiovascular warm up.  I double checked with outside professionals and searched for information on the Internet.  Mr. Loge knew what he was teaching.  I was willing to put my full trust in his skill.

Today I am 260 pounds, down 5 pant sizes.  I have a normal size neck with only one chin.  An improved circulation, increased vitality and stamina,  a lighter, brighter spirit.  These are the gifts I have received as a result of working with Mr. Loge.  83 pounds gone!  I went from four daily insulin injections to none.  Yes, that’s right.  I no longer have any symptoms of type II diabetes. 

Confidence, satisfaction, increased well being and the knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle. The level of education, personal service, cutting edge technology and nutritional support has combined to improve my quality of life and overall health.  None of this would have been possible without the expertise, dedication and personal attention provided by Mr. Ingo Loge.  

  In today’s world of false promises and hype, Mr. Logé and Fitness Forever Team are the real deal.  An environment of positive training support and education. More than the warehouse gym mentality, it provided me with the tailor made program to ensure my success.  I just needed to be willing to unlearn some destructive habits, and participate in a life changing training program.  Thank you, Ingo.  

A Fitness Forever success.         A post script to this is: Pete entered the Police Acadamy

                                                            In August 2007!  What a transformation!                                                     

Forever grateful,  Peter Charles Shorts 

Janet Steiner


“If you have the chance to experience an event or a breakout session with Ingo be sure that you do. He is phenomenal! Ingo was our featured presenter at our Chopra Center employee training.

His “me first” 10 min morning ritual was outstanding! Our staff still rave about his training! Ingo’s knowledge combined with his passion provided an informative and interactive learning experience.

If you are searching for a way to kick start a new healthy lifestyle or compliment your existing daily routine, then contact Ingo for a session. I can’t wait to bring him back for another training!”

— Janis SteinerEvent Planner & Department Manager, Deepok Chopra Center for Wellbeing

Steve Pufpaf


“I know it is your nature to be humble and make your clients feel 100% good about what they are doing and what they have accomplished. While admirable and for most the right thing to say or do, but for me that is not the case.

I have wanted to get back in this type of shape for over 15 years and couldn’t do it….You have given me far more than I could even articulate. I know  that without a doubt I have changed  my life and how I approach nutrition and my overall health.  That wasn’t just me, in fact it was due in large part to you…

Certain people make a big impact on who we become in life and I “Thank You” for playing a HUGE roll in who I will become moving forward. Both professionally and personally you have given me the chance to meet challenges and achieve goals.”

— Steve Pufpaf, Vice President of Sales for Western Region, Marriott International


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