Proven Curriculums Created and Organized For You

Our Powerful Technology Works!


We (You and Ingo) create a custom plan based on your current condition and fitness goal with regular updates.


Take your trainer anywhere you workout: in the gym, at home or on the road, 24/7.


Positive accountability by checking in with Ingo right from the mobile app.


How-to videos of each exercise from a highly trained fitness professional for a virtual experience.


Workout history, personal bests, measurements trends, BMI and nutritional intake graphs.


Message Ingo directly from the mobile app for quick communication.


Online personal nutrition coaching and training delivered at a whole new level. Stay connected to Ingo daily via the app, and, access your custom workout program, message him, stay accountable with him, and track your stats all in our brand partners online platform. Ingo is a PN master coach.

PN Certified Coach Level 1 



First, choose a an online coachnig program above that best suits your needs and enroll through the evaluation page link. Ingo will contact you within 24 hours




Second, Ingo will send you a link where you will be directed to a landing page to access the fitness and nutrition assessment questionnaire, so we can customize based on your needs.




Third, Ingo will contact you to schedule a video/phone chat to learn more about you and then load your program into the mobile application along with a personalized printable fast start manual


Hire Ingo For Workouts, Lifestyle Changes, and Nutritional Coaching

This Is perfect for those looking to get results but do not have a compatible schedule with the trainer, travel a lot, or just needs a personalised program and guidance from Ingo and our app to exercise effectively in the gym, at home or in the park.

 Premier Nutrition and Habit Change Coaching at a Fraction of the Cost!

Our world class simple, easy-to-use platform, you’ll get the industry’s leading nutrition and lifestyle coaching curriculum with Ingo—complete with daily lessons, habits, progress updates, and more—ready to be delivered to your via phone, tab or computer

Corporate Wellness

Whether in person or through virtual meetings, our training programs offer flexibility for busy employees or individuals with specific needs. Specially crafted for those dedicated to enhancing both work and home life, our programs are designed to make health, fitness, better sleep, and recovery integral parts of your daily routine. The journey starts with crafting a personalized plan right in our very first session! With options for on-demand or scheduled sessions, the choice is yours, making it convenient to prioritize your well-being.

Active Adults 45+

Immerse yourself in this captivating 6-week course designed to inspire crucial behavioral and lifestyle transformations. Together, we will delve into the secrets of maintaining the health of each body system and delaying typical age-related changes. Discover the keys to thinking better, feeling better, moving better, and embracing overall well-being. By the end, you’ll walk away with a personalized plan, paving the way for a life that’s not just your best but one that’s pain-free, disease-free, stress-free, and medication-free.

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