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From La Quinta to Dallas and Everywhere in Between I’ve devoted my entire career to making health, wellness, fitness and happiness something that’s achievable and attainable for every type of person, from every walk of life. It doesn’t matter if you were born an athlete – or you were born without an exercise-loving bone in your body – Great health, mobility and  fitness are your birthrights when it comes to life and your golf game!

Golf Mobility and Golf Game Consistency:









Announcement: Summer Strength Training Is Back!

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Upcoming Events

Girls U11 Tryouts:

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Elegant Themes Classic:

Aug 02 @ 2pm-6pm …Details

Boys U14 Tryouts:

Aug 02 @ 2pm-6pm …Details

My Hole in One Program!

I’ve been certified by Titleist Performance Institute and many other institutions to provide the latest in golf-specific health, nutrition, lifestyle and fitness with techniques that TPI uses to physically screen and prescribe exercise to their athletes.  

Clients using my Whole in One Formula have often added over 30 yards to their drive within three months!

Golf Wellness and fitness is so important as we age! Especially when it comes to your mobility, stability and strength in key areas like your low back, hips, shoulders, and knee’s.  Together we’ll identify your specific performance and lifestyle factors that limit you from reaching your potential.

We’ll also effectively screen and identify any medical impairments or physical factors that are limiting your golf performance. After screening you will be given the opportunity to have a specialized prescription of customized drills and exercises to help eliminate these limitations.

What is unique about my “Whole In One” program is that you and I will work closely together with to target your golf skill needs, identify physical limitations related to those skills, and then prescribe and implement an effective training program for strength and conditioning that will improve your game.

Your team, comprised of your, family support at home, your golf pro, your TPI certified physical trainer (me), we’ll all work together to improve your skills, mobility and fitness to decrease your handicap, and increase your golf enjoyment!

3 Signature Programs For You To Choose From

 If You Are Not Assessing, Your Just Guessing…

Self Guided WOD’s!  

Longevity x Performance = Results As golfers, we always want to be improving our games, shooting lower scores and feel great doing it. That is what our HI1 system is all about. Zero to low Equipment Golf Fitness designed to help you Play Better Golf, for Longer! 

The HI1 Assessment

With PGA professional and strength and conditioning expertise, functional fitness methodologies and a unique background in human performance, each of my assessments deliver functional fitness, power and rotational training blueprints that enhance movement quality and increased capacity to improve your performance and golf longevity. 

Private Golf-Fit Training

YOUR PATHWAY TO PERFORMANCE! Introducing a new blueprint and framework you’ll need to change your game for good. With workouts, mobility and unique coaching for all levels, now is the time to take control of your Health, your Fitness and your Game.

Ingo Has Been Educated and Certified Through Some of The Best Institutions In The World