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Lesson Three

Today We Want You To:

  1. Download the Meal Prep Guide
  2. Scan through the guide
  3. Pick one or two meal prep strategies to add to your toolbox

Meal Prep 101

This might sound obvious, but the hardest part of doing meal prep is actually taking the time to do the prepartion. Food prep starts on the weekend and it should only take you 60 – 90 minutes of total time. Think of the impact those 60 – 90 minutes could have on your week!

The weekend

  • Plan out your menu for the week
  • Put together a shopping list and go shop
  • Cut up and prep all of the ingredients you’ll need for the week
  • Cook any meals for the next day or two
  • Store in tupperware

The night before

  • Have the next day’s work meals ready to grab and go
  • Have breakfast items ready to go (ie overnight oats)
  • Make sure you have all the ingredients for supper (just in case you need to run to the store)

The morning

  • Combine morning routines with any meal prep (ie drink your coffee while adding dressing to salad jar)
  • Review day’s schedule to for any last minute changes to your lunch schedule
  • Don’t forget to take meals with you!

Download your Meal Prep Guide

Here’s your meal prep guide! As we said before, don’t get weighed down with all the details. Scan, absorb what you can, pick something to practice and go!


A note from coach Ingo

One of the biggest complaints I hear about meal prep is “not wanting to eat the same thing all week.” I can certainly understand if you prepare the same meal all week, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With some smart planning, you can have different meals all week long without having to cook endless meals. For example, if you grill chicken breast you could easily have the ingredients for a salad, chicken tacos, chicken soup, BBQ chicken, stir-fry, etc…

Locking yourself into one meal every day could lead you to burn out and boredom. The key here is taking the time to plan and mindfully plot out your week.

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