Cleansing Fundamentals

Perfect weight and a youthful appearance are the result of clean, waste free cells, that is, cells that are free of inorganic toxic matter. However, with our modern diet and lifestyles, clean cells are not the norm.

Rather, it’s much more common to find a body that is riddled with cells carrying toxins, metals, bad fats and matter that’s not easily eliminated.  This is the fundamental root cause of our physical and, some would actually say mental ills and disease.

So think of it this way WASTE = WEIGHT. Get the waste out and you get the weight off.

It’s just that EASY. Imagine relieving your body of the sludge, and the thickness that weighs you down and makes you look older that you actually are. So picture a dirty room in your home that needs cleaning.

Now imagine that you all of the sudden found a great team of workers that would clean those dirty rooms for you. You are sitting there going, why didn’t I do this sooner, so you hire them on the spot. After a few days, you realize those workers have already done a lot of work.

The rooms that you didn’t really ever believe you could get clean are looking way better. But you’re also wondering what you are going to do with all the overstuffed bags of trash, dirt and garbage that are now all out in the hallways of your house.

You are really not going to FEEL the benefit of all those rooms being clean until the garbage is taken out.

So you call up the local waste management company in your area to have them come by in the morning to haul all that crap away.

They arrive right on time, and remove a lot of it, but they get tired and tell you that they can’t take it ALL!


They said they will try again once they’ve had a chance to rest and give you the number of a waste management specialist that would be much more effective.

You call and make the appointment ASAP… as you still have trash in the hallways (which is now stinking, rotting and making the whole house smell bad) and NOW you really see and notice a difference!

With all the garbage out of the house, there is nothing but sunlight streaming into the rooms and giving your home pure joy and beauty.

You can no longer tell that someone has been living and hoarding there for years. It looks like a brand new house!

So, LET’S FILL IN THE ANALOGY with the actually process of renewing aka cleansing your body a.k.a. “Your House.” Your cells are the rooms in the house.

Enzymes and organic hydration from juices and life giving foods are the workers that will happily clean them.

Your eliminative organs (Liver, Colon in particular) are the local “Waste Management” team. And finally, alternative methods of eliminating wastes and sludge are your waste management specialists.

This process of cleaning your cells is the magic formula for removing all your excess weight and restoring your body to the “like new” or even “better than new” condition”

In order to start this process we need to put the workers on the payroll and get the waste management systems operating a full capacity. We can do that in just 5 steps that are super simple.

You might also want to schedule a free health and wellness consultation with Ingo and Aimee as well to give you some insight for your particular situation or just to ask some questions.

Detoxification describes our body’s natural on-going process of eliminating toxins, aka taking out the trash. This is something that occurs naturally on a daily basis.

A cleanse or detox program is simply a systematic approach to help the body remove toxins that are stored in body fat, tissues and organs.

Does everyone need to cleanse?

Since our body has its own built-in detoxification process through our liver, kidneys, colon and skin, some people believe that additional cleansing isn’t necessary.

However when we consider the toxicity of our environment and lifestyle, we realize our body may need a little extra help.

Our body is constantly exposed to toxins from everyday life. The chemicals we ingest through the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe, become deposited in our fat cells and create an additional toxin burden on the body.

Toxins are also found in cosmetics, perfume, alcohol, smoke, prescription medications, and household cleaning products.

Our stressful, adrenaline-fueled schedules also increase our need for certain nutrients, impact our digestion, causes inflammation and often prevent us from eating as well as we know we should.

This lack of proper nutrition also impacts the body’s natural ability to detoxify and keep up with the external toxins that we face every day.

Over time these toxins build up and accumulate in our body fat and tissues. This cumulative buildup can affect our overall physical and mental health.

From weight gain and low energy, to constipation, bloating, headaches, hormonal imbalance and impaired immune function.

Symptoms can include indigestion, poor concentration, sluggishness, headaches and poor skin.

Gentle and regular cleansing can help to decrease the toxic load and allow the body’s detoxification systems to revitalize and rejuvenate.

Best of all, cleansing gives your digestion a break, helps to reset habits and reduces inflammation.

When to Cleanse?

You can cleanse at any time of year. A cleanse can be a great way to reset your eating habits, get back on track or jumpstart a new routine. Regardless of how often you want to cleanse, we recommend at minimum four times a year.

The change of season is traditionally a time to reset the body as it transition to climate change and local foods available during that season.

You can also choose to do a longer complete cleanse seasonally and then support your lifestyle whenever you need a reset or feel that you need additional nourishment. 

At the Wellness CSI, we are much more than a personal health, fitness and wellness company. Our recipes for juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and selection superfood recommendations have been designed to support you and your family’s healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

Why Cleanse With An Online Company or a Local One in Your Area

The Beaming Cleanse. Heal & Transform.

At Beaming we approach cleansing a little differently – our goal is to support long term health and wellbeing while inspiring a deliciously addictive healthy lifestyle. We believe the benefits of cleansing are even more powerful using the nutritional power of organic plant-based foods and superfoods. It’s an opportunity to reset, renew and rejuvenate, helping you to experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a healthy lifestyle without disrupting your every day life.

Cleansing should and can be enjoyable, which is why we have partnered with some of the top holistic and raw food chefs to create programs that are as delicious as they are effective. Our cleanse programs have been designed to allow your body to heal & transform from the inside out by reducing inflammation, supporting improved digestive and allowing your body to feel how good you can feel when you are well nourished through a plant-based diet.

Whether you choose our signature LifestyleCleanse, LeanCleanse or ActiveCleanse programs, each offers a gourmet menu of cold-pressed artisan juices, superfood smoothies and/or nut mylks,, soups, salads, citrus elixirs and protein snacks. And because we understand that each of you and your needs are unique, we have designed 3 programs to meet your health goals, lifestyle and caloric needs.

The other big question we receive about cleansing is what happens after?

  • Each of our 3-5 day programs include our 30 page post cleanse Beaming Lifestyle eBook that gives you the tools to live the Beaming lifestyle
  • We provide you with post-cleanse tips and support to help you transition from your cleanse
  • We’ve also introduced nutrition coaching because we recognize the need for on-going support to create long-term lifestyle change

The Benefits You’ll Experience

The Beaming Cleanse purifies and detoxifies your system without starvation and deprivation and is designed to rejuvenate at a cellular level, leaving the body in a state of balance and optimum vitality.

Our plant-based cleanse is the optimal way to allow your body (and mind) to reset, renew and rejuvenate while giving your digestion a break, reducing inflammation and restore inner balance.

These are some of the benefits you can experience:

  • Total Body Detox
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Increase Energy
  • Mental Clarity
  • Improve Digestion
  • Elevate Mood
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Wellness Jumpstart
  • Immunity Boost
  • Improve Sleep
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Lower Triglycerides
  • Combat Aging
  • Lose Weight
  • Reduce Body Fat

Beaming’s raw food cleansing programs have a unique approach to cleansing that supports a lifestyle of wellness. Our goal is to help you experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the nutritional power of plant-based foods and superfoods so that you’re motivated and inspired to incorporate these foods into your life on a daily basis.

Great articles that highlight the importance of food based cleansing (vs. juice).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Beaming cleanse should I choose?

We offer 1, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 21 Day cleanses. The cleanse you choose will be dependent on your current goals. Each cleanse offers a different selection of juices/smoothies/raw entrees each day. If you have specific questions in mind, you can contact our cleanse concierge at

Q: How often should I cleanse?

Traditionally, people cleanse with the changing of seasons. With today’s high-stress environmental and lifestyle influences, you may desire detoxing more often. We have good news for you. Beaming cleanses are deeply nourishing, replenishing, and supportive of your entire body so it is possible to come back any time you want to hit that reset button

Q: Can I exercise while on a cleanse?

Give your body some down time while on a cleanse. Stick with yoga, long walks or a good hike outdoors. In general, make your workouts less intense. Your body is working hard to start the healing process and you’ll want your energy focused to support this.



Q: Do I need to do any preparation before my cleanse?

We want you to enjoy your cleanse, so we make as easy to start and follow as possible. Prior to beginning your cleanse, you’ll receive a pre-cleanse email with all the essentials you’ll need to know. Plus, you’ll receive check-in emails every morning on what to expect for the day ahead. To set yourself up for success, we recommend you phase out alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, excess salt and refined sugar. It’s also a good time to incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. This will ease your transition into cleanse mode.

Q: How do I sign up for the cleanse?

It’s never been easier. You can order online or at any Beaming Cafe location.

Q: Are the juices organic?

Yes. We use organic produce unless it absolutely isn’t possible at which time we’ll let you know.


Q: Is your juice fresh pressed daily?

Yes. We press our juices daily using a hydraulic press. Your juice will be enzymatically alive and nutrient dense for up to 5 days as long as you keep it in a cold refrigerator.


Q: Is the program vegan?

Yes, it sure is! Our programs are gluten, soy and dairy free.

Q: What if I don’t finish all of my Juices?

We recommend you follow our suggested cleanse protocol. You can mix up the order if you’re inspired, but try to stick with the program. We’ve mindfully crafted our cleanse program so you have a juice, soup, salad, smoothie, elixir or snack every 2 hours. This helps to manage blood sugar levels and keep you energized and hydrated. That being said, to your body and do what feels right. If you have an extra juice left over, consume it first thing the next day to ensure freshness and flavor.

Q: Do I drink the entire bottle all at once?

Yes. And most importantly, savor them. Pour them into a wine glass, a martini glass, your favorite beer stein or favorite coffee cup. Enjoy the abundance of nutrients entering your body and be thankful to all of the farmers that took the time to cultivate such amazing food for you.

Q: Can I freeze my juice if I can’t finish my cleanse?

We don’t recommend freezing juice, no can we guarantee the flavor if you do so.

Q: Does it matter what order I take my juices, soups, and salads?

We number the foods to give you an order and system to your day based on what we find works best. That being said, there may be days you want to switch it up and have your salad for lunch and your soup for dinner. Listen to your body and do what feels right. The two things we do want you to start your day with however, are warm water and lemon followed by the Beaming green juice a half hour or so later. The rest is up to you.

Q: What if I get hungry?

Often our body mistakes hunger for thirst. So drink you water. Also, make sure you are taking your drinks/foods 2 to 2.5 hours apart from one another so you keep your tummy held over and blood sugar steady. Brush your teeth and rinse with something minty…this often does the trick. Should you need to supplement in some more solid food grab a handful of unsalted almonds or half of an avocado to satiate your hunger.

Q: Why don’t you offer fruit juices?

Our program is low glycemic (low sugar) for many reasons, but mainly because we promote an anti-inflammatory diet that allows your body to heal. Sugar and fruit juices spike insulin levels that cause inflammation, exhaustion, irritability and other unpleasant things. Throughout our programs, there are very little sugars used (even natural sugars such as fruit). This gives your body an opportunity to eradicate sugar cravings and combat overgrowth of candida/yeast. Keeping the sugars low helps you maintain a steady blood sugar level. No more crazy swings and cravings, hooray.

Q: How many calories am I consuming daily on this program?

This varies depending on your cleanse selection. On average you’ll be consuming between 1200-1400 calories a day.

Q: How do I get protein on juice?

Remember Popeye? Remember those muscles? Where do you think those came from? Greens baby. There is a wealth of amino acids (proteins) in greens. Plus you get daily superfood smoothies or radiant nut milks fortified with our signature raw plant protein mix along with all the sprouts we give you in many of our juices and foods that are filled with protein.

Q: Will I lose weight?

While this is not a weight loss program you may lose weight. Our bodies hold on to toxins in our fat tissue. As toxins leave your body, your fat cells shrink. The better result…you tend to kick unhealthy patterns and cravings, which set you up for a healthier future and overall long-term benefits.

Q: Will I have to run to the bathroom?

We get this question a lot and always makes us giggle a bit. The answer is no – not unless there is something else going on with you. There are no stimulant herbs in this program that would have you running to the loo. We give you Triphala and detox teas to help you eliminate (this is a very important part of this process).

Q: I’m new to cleansing? Is this too intense for me?

Our programs are designed to help both the “cleansing professional” and the cleansing novice. Since you are supported with 1200-1400 calories a day of real foods such as raw soup, salad and a superfood smoothie, you have ample nourishment so that you don’t have to survive on liquid alone. You still receive so many great benefits of detoxification without the deprivation.

Q: Will I lose weight?

While this is not a weight loss program you may lose weight. Our bodies hold on to toxins in our fat tissue. As toxins leave your body, your fat cells shrink. The better result…you tend to kick unhealthy patterns and cravings, which set you up for a healthier future and overall long-term benefits.


Q: Can I do this program if I’m on prescription medication?

It is always best to check with your doctor when starting a new health regime or program, especially if you are on any specific medications.

Q: Can I do this cleanse if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. While our cleanses are chalked full of nutrients, they do not provide enough calories to support both mom and growing baby. Calorie restriction is a no-no when pregnant or nursing!

Q: Can I do this program if I have diabetes?

Consult with your doctor prior to starting one of our programs to make sure it is appropriate for you.

Q: Do I continue to take my daily supplements? What about B12?

Because you are getting approximately 15-20lbs of produce a day, most of your micronutrient and vitamin needs are taken care of. It’s up to you if you want to stay on your supplements. We fortify many of the drinks with superfoods that not only boost energy and help detoxification, but also create more supple joints, skin, hair, and nails. We recommend you consult with your health coach about your individual needs.

Q: Can I put my overweight child on this program?

While Beaming cleanses are a great way for adults to get back into and discover healthy habits, we’d rather you start your child on a healthy eating plan and have them skip the cleanse portion. Children are growing and need more nourishment. The juices, soups, and salads will be great for them, along with other building foods.

Q: Is there anything that would affect someone with a gluten/dairy/soy food allergies/sensitivity?

There is NO gluten or dairy in our products. Our protein powders are plant based and do not use any soy or dairy or whey as a protein source.

Q: I’m allergic to nuts. Do you have an alternative for the nut milk?

Sorry! We use lots of nuts and seeds in our kitchen. Should you have a nut allergy, we are not able to provide you with our cleansing program at this time.



Q: How do I receive my order?

Our main pickup locations are any Beaming Cafe location. You can also select one of our shipped cleanse options.

Q: What days does the cleanse get delivered and why not all at once?

We take considerable pride in ensuring that your foods and juices are as fresh and tasty as possible. We will be delivering 3 days at a time to your selected pick up location the day before your cleanse begins

Our cleanse will also come with a Cleanse Guide Insert that will explain what you need to know to stay on track each day.

Q: What if I decide I can’t finish the cleanse after starting? Do you offer refunds?

We offer credits towards a future cleanse prior to the start of your cleanse with a 72 hour cancellation. Should you elect to cancel your cleanse during the program, we do not offer refunds

Hi There, I Would Love to Hear More About You,

What have you tried that hasn’t worked, your goals, what you have tried in the past, what are your chief complaints right now as far as your sleep, digestion, stress, energy, recovery, and overall health and fitness.