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The word Naturopathy is defined in Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary as: “A system or method of treating disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses special diets, herbs, vitamins, massage, etc., to assist the natural healing processes.” 

In my practice as a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Lifestyle coach and Master Fitness Trainer, I alway educate, guide and recommend rather than treating.

The word treatment is most often used in medicine in order to describe the prescribing, by a doctor, of one or more pharmaceutical drugs or surgeries (treatments) for a medical condition or to stop undesirable symptoms. I, on the other hand, do not treat symptoms. Your symptoms, along with your extensive questionnaire (we’ll talk first after you fill out the short form below) and any labs your physician may have already ordered, will give me the information I need in order to determine what is actually going wrong.

We will discuss what dietary and lifestyle changes, your current exercise and daily movement routines. Vitamins, minerals,protein powders, herbs, gemmo-therapies, homeopathics, antioxidants, detoxification and chelation products or other specialty formulas will be needed in order to address your issues and help your body begin to heal. Symptoms always go away on their own as the body heals so they rarely ever need to be suppressed by man (or woman) made chemical agents (prescription drugs). Or you can just go ahead and get started with my Initial Consultation Questionnaires, Surveys, and Sleep, Food, and Exercise Logs Here

In addition to diet, herbs, nutrients, stress-reduction methods, etc. I will discuss with you the actual concepts of complex homeopathy, posture and balance, working in vs. working out. Stress, your sleep patterns,  types of drainage, detoxification, and many other healing modalities as they apply to your individual needs. If you enjoy reading, I may be able to recommend books for you on the health topics of your choice.

It takes 6 weeks to clear wheat/gluten and 2 weeks with them out of your body in order to determine how the foods we/you eat affect the way we/you feel, I recommend that you take 2-month trial.

This is the way I generally eat so it cannot be THAT difficult! I will also go Flexitarian and Vegan from time to time. As I listen to my body and how it reacts to foods that I am consuming.

Let me warn you up front that this trial will not work unless you are diligent about making ALL of these changes strictly for the entire 8 weeks as I have outlined here. This is because, as noted above, it takes 6 weeks for wheat to clear out of your body You must not make just some of the changes or eliminate some of the foods. You must not cheat “just a little. I suggest that you tell yourself—

This is only for 8 weeks and I really want to see if I feel any differences, if my children behave differently, and if anyone is diabetic, how well their blood sugar is regulated, when certain foods are eliminated from our diets. (If you don’t want to have to start over, be strict)

Remember that although moderation is okay for many things, toxic foods and trigger foods can affect us even in small quantities. In addition, they can remain in the body and continue to cause these effects for many days and in some cases over two weeks, so for this test to work, you must do it right. The third week may be the first week you begin to feel better for some people. So expect to notice some changes in 21-24 days. Remember that it takes 6 weeks to get the effects of wheat and gluten out of your system. You WILL notice the difference.

To determine if you are wheat reactive, the diet must be done for at least 60 days! If you feel that you could not eat this way even for 2 months, then I feel sorry for you, since it means that society has turned you into a complete convenience food, zero will power junkie. Many of my clients have felt so many beneficial changes after just the first 21 days, that they could not believe how much their food choices had been affecting their life and the lives of their children.

Remember, you are not really going on a diet, you are simply eating a great deal healthier for 8 weeks. I would wish you good luck, but luck has nothing to do with it. If you truly care about your health or the health of your children, 60 days of a strict eating plan is not that difficult and is generally well worth the effort. If you can’t go 60 do a minimum of 30 days.

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Grass Fed Meat, Wild Caught Fish, Free Range (out door) Poultry, Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs (animal protein) Avoid pork Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, fish (only real meat never breaded). Eggs should be whole (yolk and white). Organic & pastured are best Luncheon meats & hot dogs. Shark, swordfish, orange roughy (high in mercury). Try to eat only wild caught, or line wild caught- no farm raised fish, ever.

Dairy Products Whole RAW milk (From Grass fed cows) after your 8th day. (California Residents Only) If you notice any reaction, stop the raw real milk immediately. All other milks, cheeses, yogurt, cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc. Nope not on this plan.

if you need a milk, MYLK for fake milks, drink hemp seed milk or coconut milk unflavored and unsweetened. Example you want a protein shake us these instead for your base. Water is always good as well as a base.

Flour products, grains and beans.

NO GRAINS OR GRAIN PRODUCTS, NO FLOUR EXCEPT 100% NUT FLOURS. (beans are better but not for this 60 days) Potatoes or potato products, breads, rice, pastas, cereals, crackers are a not allowed. ALL grains and potatoes most beans, and any products made from or with these.

Vegetables ALL non-starchy fresh vegetables, cooked or raw. (Unless allergic) (Frozen only if absolutely necessary)

NO Frozen or canned vegetables and all starchy vegetables such as (corn, potatoes, yams, winter squash) are a no no.

Fruits 1 piece of fresh raw fruit per day if desired just after a meal. Portion size equal to an apple (Apple or berries) Frozen, canned, dried, or in any way packaged or processed. No fruit juices of any kind to much concentrated sugars gang. No fruit sweetened either.

Fats Butter, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, grass fed ghee. Fats that naturally exist on the meats you are eating (leave the skin on the chicken, yolk in the egg, etc.)

All other fats and oils should be completely avoided including mayonnaise, salad dressings, Canola, soybean, safflower, cottonseed etc.

Sweeteners Only stevia, yacon, and luo han. Later you may try xylitol, and erythritol, just beware of sugar alchohols as they disturb the colon and bowel.

All Sugar: white sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, brown rice syrup, corn syrup, fruit sweeteners, maple syrup, palm sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Nuts/Seeds Any kind of RAW nuts or seeds (unless allergic) Organic if possible. NO Roasted, salted, honey coated, etc.

Beverages Filtered Water (Try for 2 quarts per day consumed between meals) Whole raw milk beginning on the 8th day. Stop if ANY reactions All others. Raw milk is ONLY available in California. If you want a milk hit, you need to do a coconut unsweetened milk or hemp seed milk. Almond milk is great as well if it is unsweetened and if you can make it in your Vitamix it will be much healthier for you than anything store bought.

No caffeine or alcohol.

Herbs/Spices Fresh herbs and single spices only. No mixed dried spice combinations. Spice combinations (can hide toxic ingredients that are not listed).


  1. If you think that you may react in some way to any of the good foods, do not eat them.
  2. Hormone free & free range, or grass started and finished meats, and certified organic produce and healthy oils make the test even better.
  3. Try to drink half your body-weight in ounces of water per day. Minimum is 2 quarts of filtered water each day, mostly between meals (less for a child).
  4. Eat adequate amounts of the allowed foods – do NOT go hungry!
  5. Don’t forget to eat some animal protein at 2-3 meals (preferably at every meal) and eat plenty of the healthy non starchy vegetables.
  6. If a food is not on the Allowed list, DON’T EAT IT!

If you only do this test at the 90% level, you have not done it at all. You must be 100% strict for this tiny little 3-4 week period. The only pork allowed is from documented Heirloom breeds of pigs, raised in green pastures So plan your food carefully. Be sure that you are not eating any packaged or canned foods since they all have added ingredients that are not allowed.

You can NEVER be sure what is or is not in any restaurant food no matter what the waiter/waitress or chef tells you. (Exceptions are places like Beaming in Southern California, and I know there are others. You must be your own WELLNESS CSI and ask lots of questions before you PAY for the food that restaurants serve you.

FYI For acceptable pork- meats, fish  https://www.wallacefarms.com/

The best snack foods (unless allergic) are raw nuts. Walnuts, pine nuts, pecans, almonds, etc.We make salad dressings our of water, soaked cashews and herbs. Tastes like ranch dressing! Much healthier for you and your family.

NOTE for those who have an extreme workout schedules such as triathletes, marathoners, long distance bikers, exercise instructors etc., You may need to have a small portion of some cooked beans until your body regains it’s ability for efficient fat to energy conversion. Revised June 2019