Yummy Chocolate Mousse Bliss!

Written by Ingo Loge

September 29, 2013

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1 cup cashews, soaked 6 hours and drained
2 tablespoons organic Xagave not Agave syrup or 4 -6 Dates pitted, or Use the Ultimate Sweetener
4 teaspoons organic coconut oil
1 vanilla bean, scraped
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons raw organic cacao powder
raw  organic cacao nibs for garnish


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Serves 3

Prep Time 

Combine all the ingredients in Your Vitamix and puree for 3-4 minutes, periodically checking, until the mixture is creamy and fluffy. Chill 1 hour to further thicken the mousse.

Serve garnished with raw organic SWEET cacao nibs.


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It’s high time this site featured something cute in shot glasses.
And, really, I’m already kicking myself. While the whole shot glass idea is admittedly really cute, it’s also really hackneyed.
BUT, I recently ate at a Seasons 52  soon to be in La Jolla (Nov. 19th, 2012)  and their desserts are served in little shot glasses and they’re all so insanely delicious and cute and it’s totally okay if you choose 5 out of the 7 they offer you because they’re all calorie-controlled and healthy or something like that. So I, too, shall give you shot glasses filled with delicious stuff.
This mousse was also inspired by a recipe from The 3-Day Cleanse. It’s derived from their raw chocolate cashew milk that I tasted and instantly decided it isnectar from the Gods. Upon my second sip, I declared that every stinkin’ day should be raw chocolate cashew milk day. 90 seconds later, when I guzzled all 16 ounces and tried to move, only to feel it luridly sloshing around in my belly, I revised my opinion and wondered what I can do about incorporating the flavors into something with, say, a little less liquid.
And this is it and it’s worth waiting the blasted 6 hours to soak the cashews. So worth it. I generally don’t even go gaga for straight chocolatey desserts (you’ll hate me for saying that), but this stuff has my tongue seeking every nook and cranny of that shot glass.
Whatever you do, when you make this, go out and buy the real deal orgnaic cacoa powder or grind down cacao nibs into a powder. That raw cacao powder is key, with all that sexy, intoxicating, deep, rich flavor that will turn you, too, into THAT guy at the bar, trying too hard to impress THAT Girl by showing off his tongue skills.
Cacoa is where it’s at. Cocoa is whacked.


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