Hello There!

I am very excited to have you as an interested new recruit and possible client! Are you ready to change your life! I am, and together, we will…but

First Things First!

Being a professional holistic lifestyle coach, exercise physiologist, nutritionist and personal trainer these days is tough.  You get into this business to help people only to discover that you are as much of a sales person as a coach and trainer. If you read my web page you know what I mean. Not to mention there is competition everywhere (everyone that looks good at the beach or the gym thinks they know how to get results for others) I know people genuinely want to lose weight or feel better and more alive. Most don’t want to do the work—–they just want a pill that does it for them.

Most people think personal training or nutritional and lifestyle coaching is too expensive—–but they’ll spend $5000 on a new plasma 60 inch TV, or some new quads and a toy hauler or they’ll go on a shopping spree for new clothes, because the old ones don’t fit, buy new cars, furniture, jewelry, boats, purses….ect and yet they will not invest in their own health until it’s too late, or when the Dr. Says You have_________.   

My training philosophy is simple; it is based on the understanding that life is a process of creation based on self-awareness. Simply put, fitness is a relationship with yourself. It’s about feeling, breathing, listening, and exploring. It’s accepting, laughing, embracing and healing. To exercise this awareness through thought, breath, and movement, enables us to define, maintain, and ultimately create our own reality. As you begin to apply the Fitness Forever approach, this new understanding takes on shape and creates clarity. Fitness Forever’s approach is a lifestyle, a new perspective on health and your overall well-being. To “work in” and then “work out” is my philosophy. The question remains, are you ready to step up and meet Dr. Diet, Dr. Movement, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Happiness? 


I want to say this up front; the success of our Nutritional Boot Camps, Extreme Wellness Makeovers and Holistic and Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching Programs are in direct correlation to where you are in each of these four areas, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually. So clean out the head trash!  It’s up to you to reverse any negative perceptions of yourself. Developing yourself will be a process, so where ever you are today, you can grow, develop, and improve. You are not alone any longer.

Ingo, Tell Me About What We Are Going To Do?

Initially you will receive by email, or fax is a set of sleep, food and exercise diaries. Please read them and fill them out exactly per instructions I’ll need all 10 days worth. You will also receive a Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire and Health History. I will also attach my Patient Health Survey grouping symptoms together and lab test numbers. Labs are so key and critical to see how and what your body is doing.   I have found value in having all family members fill out their own copy as I look for clues to common ailments, i.e., infections, gluten intolerance, cortisol and stress response which accounts for so many chronic illnesses today.

Chronic Illness/Conditions Influenced by Stress response

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Detoxification Problems, Multiple sensitivities to chemicals
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infertility, Menstrual Irregularities
  • Increased Drug Sensitivity
  • Cancer
  • Cardio Vascular Disease and High Blood Pressure
  • Auto Immune and Inflammatory Illnesses


Glucocorticoid (cortisol) receptors are found in almost every cell of your body

By assessing hormone, immune, gastrointestinal, and detoxification systems of your body we can identify potential stress that can result in the hormone, immune and metabolic breakdown.  This is the most common test I administer and is done over a 24 -72 hour time period using your saliva. For more info about these labs go to the Bio Health Website at Bio Health Diagnostics 205 Adrenal Profile

Many parasites can be passed in between family this can cause so many intestinal disorders like Malabsorbtion, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis. Food Sensitivities, lactose (milk sugar), casein (milk protein), gluten/gliadin, soy, rice, corn. Yeast imbalances – Candida overgrowth, Parasite Infections – Guardia, B. Hominis, E. Histolytica, Cryptosporidium ect. Bacterial Infections Campylobacter, Yersinia, E Coli, Shigella, Salmonella, ect.. Mechanical Problems – ANS disorders, muscular wall disorders, spinal cord injuries, Vagus nerve dysfunction.

You will also receive as I mentioned earlier a 4 page health and lifestyle questionnaire. There will be questions about your habits, your priorities in life, and commitment level, as well as an assessment of past and current exercise habits and routines. There will also be questions regarding what supplements you take if any?  Who will be supporting you toward your goals and what might stop you from reaching them? After the 7-10 days is up you will bring by or fax your confidential material and I will give you a code to download a complete set of comprehensive Eat, Move and Be Healthy Questionnaires that include an in-depth appraisal of your bodies’ sleep-wake cycles, total stress levels, digestive health and food assimilation, tissue and emotional toxicity, what types of foods you eat and when, an in-depth food allergy questionnaire as well as an advanced metabolic typing exam. Wow! That is a lot of stuff!

By the way, you will also receive a loaner copy of Dr. David Getoffs 3 hour DVD on the “Principles of Healthy Eating, but you must first keep your 7-10 days of food, sleep and exercise diaries before viewing the DVD. Too many people immediately make healthy changes after viewing the video, and I need to see what you are eating that got you to your current state.   

I know all of this information is very personal but after all, this is personal and private coaching and we want to be very thorough. Be assured you have complete confidentiality and privacy in our programs. By the way, this is not a test okay, so don’t view it in that manner, just enjoy the journey, open your heart and tell the truth!

Poor Nutrition is the #1 reason my clients did not succeed and achieve the result they wanted from me in the past, which is why I put these boot camps together.

So is it not a good idea for you to take responsibility for yourself and really learn how your body works and why? That’s why I’ve crafted a transforming, accountable, nutritional and lifestyle model that is so easy to learn and follow, and your results will speak for themselves. Why not take a peak and read for yourself some of our past graduates comments here at See Success.  Seeing, is believing.


Your Body is A Cybernetic System!

No, you are not a terminator and Arnold is not coming to reclaim your body or get you!

Let me explain:  A computer can have other computers linked through a network; they are linked via a network system.   Think of it this way; your car has cooling systems, and electrical systems, as well as fuel delivery systems, and suspension systems. They all depend on each other, but if one of these is not working, your car will shut down in a matter of minutes.  If that system does not work and you see a red light comes on the dash board what do you do? You pull over FAST and turn the engine off immediately then call  triple AAA! Your body is the same way. Each system is intrinsically connected and if one shuts down or is not working properly what happens to the rest of your body? It may lose vitality, or gain weight; organs may get sick or shut down. You may have skin issues, night sweats and/or feel tired all the time.  This is exactly why it is so necessary for us to look at all the four systems in your body.

Okay Now What?

All your questionnaires and labs if needed must be filled out and completed and sent in along with the above mentioned sleep food and exercise diaries. (Lab results are mailed to me directly) I MUST receive all of you packet and info for review at least one week prior to your appointment. Please allow 4 hours for your consultation so that you cannot get rushed at the end. Most often, the consultation will run somewhere between 2½ and 4 hours, but it is important that you not feel rushed. Don’t worry you won’t be bored! It is so much fun… you will be amazed!

If this is a consultation for more than one of you, such as a couple or a parent and a child, allow at least one to two more hours for the second person. This may sound like quite a lot of time, however, it will pass very quickly as there is a great deal of information to be discussed.  By the way, Please bring something to snack on as well, I always love to see what people bring to my office and if you bring some Twinkies for yourself make sure you bring something for me too! (just kidding!). I will provide healthy artesian water, plates, and utensils if you need them.   

If you do not bring anything I will provide healthy organic snacks for you to nibble on…an organic fear factor table!  No bugs!  Just real food, real fast…don’t worry its part of the boot camp

Also, please bring all nutritional supplements of any kind, (powders, pills, drops, any wonder pills you’ve bought.)

You Made It This Far …Now for the Good Stuff….

 I would like to mention a few things which are important for you and they are in no particular order. Sometimes I just type what is in my head at the moment so bear with me.

  1. This one is very important to me and to you!! If making major changes in what you eat and drink is something you are not willing to do, then I/we cannot help you. I know that sounds harsh . But it really is the only way that this program is going to deliver the results you are after.
  2. 2.  If you are not willing to spend a little change from your change jar on the nutritional supplements which your body probably needs, then your body (systems and sub systems) may not be able to heal itself.
  3. You must understand that YOU are by far the most important part of your Wellness/Boot Camp course. The CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Protocol and Fitness Forever are not magic pills to instantly fix everything. We will try and tailor your Boot Camp to fit your individual needs and concerns as well as make it irresistibly fun! You do want to have some fun don’t you? J   
  4. You must understand fully that you have helped bring your body to the current state of “health” it is in. Sorry, but I had to write that last line….ultimately the choice really is yours. I will use our questionnaires and labs to identify ongoing sleep, digestive issues, food allergies, emotional and toxic stress issues as well as dietary challenges you may have. Often all of these go hand in hand, keeping the body from changing its metabolism and hindering its own immune function. Exercise alone is not the key as you have been lead to believe. More often than not, it’s usually making things worse.
  5. Did you know that it often takes 15-20 years of being mistreated before the body begins to show major symptoms? This is especially true for diseases like Cancer, Arthritis, Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, etc. Do not expect your body to be able to completely reverse these years of damage in just a couple of months.
  6. Your body is an Extraordinary and Amazing “machine.” If you give it the correct ingredients and adequate time, it can work wonders for you.
  7. Medical doctors are not the enemy. They were simply never taught the principles of naturopathy, holistic lifestyle techniques or clinical based nutrition.
  8. If you have not had your adrenal function/stress hormones tested we may recommend that you do so depending on the outcome of your questionnaires. This is probably one of the most important things that we can do for you to help empower you to achieving exceptional results in our programs. Why?


These common symptoms are the result of our body’s general reaction to stress. To the degree that your body-mind as a whole interprets that it’s under stress, your body triggers its fight or flight reaction. In the short term, this reaction is healthy – necessary even. But when chronically triggered, the fight or flight reaction can be extremely harmful to your health. Let’s look at the effects of the fight/flight reaction.

In any part of our lives, whether it be personal or professional, every situation perceived as stressful activates the fight or flight branch of the nervous system (also called the sympathetic nervous system). The purpose of the system is to provide the body with a boost to protect itself during short periods of stress.

 Think of your ancestor, the caveman, fleeing from a bear whose path he innocently wandered across. The bear probably isn’t going to stalk him for days, so he doesn’t need to have the fight or flight system running constantly – just long enough to escape the immediate danger and return to his natural, relaxed state. In order to help us out in these brief times of emergency, our fight or flight system enacts the following biological changes:

  • Increased consumption of bodily resources. This includes neurotransmitters, stress hormones, and energy stores – particularly stored glycogen from the liver.
  • Shifting blood away from the internal organs to the skin and muscles of the body. This stops all digestive processes, and allows a readily available supply of blood, oxygen and blood sugar to provide energy to the muscles.
  • Release of stress hormones. When a stressful event occurs, a sequence of hormones is released in the body, ending with a class of chemicals called These chemicals:

Elevate the heart rate and blood pressure to meet any immediate demands, allowing maximum opportunity to fight vigorously or to run as fast as possible for as long as needed to survive

Increase immune system performance for brief periods of time

  • Increased sweat. Chronic stress results in sweaty hands and armpits. Because sweating is the human version of a radiator, this helps the body to stay cool and work more efficiently while running from that bear.

As I’ve said, all of these features are really helpful for brief periods of time. But the stresses that we face in the environment of our modern world aren’t temporary like the startled bear that our ancestors faced. They can persist for long periods of time and thus our fight or flight systems stay active for durations that weren’t originally intended in their design. In fact, in the face of chronic stress, our fight or flight system can have the following negative effects on our body-mind:

  • Radical swings in energy levels during the day as blood sugar levels change
  • Progressively reduced energy levels over the long term
  • Weight gain, including in particular the accumulation of fat around the middle in response to blood sugar fluctuations and hormonal stress
  • Low Self-esteem caused by weight gain/body issues
  • Self-identity issues
  • Digestive troubles including gas and acid reflux
  • Chronic constipation, common to approximately 90% of people worldwide today
  • Strong, smelly body odor
  • The persistence of glucocorticoids and other stress hormones in the body which trigger:

 Chronic elevation of blood pressure and heart disease, not to mention elevated triglycerides (fats)

Weakened immune system – the more stressed out the body is, the more susceptible it is to the cold or flu that’s going around

If the stress persists in your body-mind long enough, the over-production of stress hormones is also likely to lead to Adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are small glands that sit atop each kidney and manufacture your stress hormones and most of your sex hormones. As the adrenal glands fatigue, the body starts to suffer from:

  • Low energy
  • Poor recovery from physical exercise
  • Diminished sex drive
  • Accelerated aging
  • Difficulty concentrating

Now that you’ve read this laundry list of symptoms, it probably comes as no surprise that fatigue is the most common reason for visiting physicians worldwide!

How is that for an explanation! To see more info log on to the BioHealth website at Bio Health Diagnostics  Labs are pre-paid Fed-Ex and do incur an extra cost. Most adrenal labs range on average in the range of $200 – $375.  In most of our boot camps this test is included. If you want to re-test your labs in 12 weeks to see how you are doing we can do that and usually do. You will again pay for the cost of your lab work and my time to read and adjust your nutritional and lifestyle requirements. The fee is $65.

If you can accept these eight concepts, then you should have what it takes to begin your guided journey toward better fitness and overall health. Always feel free to ask many questions along the way. Always remember that you are doing this for yourself. You will reap the benefits of your hard work as improved health and well being. I will do everything possible to help you get there. I will not wish you luck, because luck has nothing to do with it. The key is to start with desire then follow through with willpower, patience, and perseverance.

Since I am generally booked between 2- 4 weeks or more in advance, please do not wait too long to schedule your appointment. I rarely get cancellations since that would put the appointment off another 1 to 2 months, but they do occur. Complete your Sleep, Food, Exercise Diaries, as well as questionnaires, and return them to me in 8-10 days. After you have sent me your completed paperwork, you may call and ask to be put on my cancellation list. Please note that if I do not have all of your completed paperwork 7-10 business days prior to your scheduled appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and will need to be re-scheduled. I take a fair amount of time to go over your paperwork as well as any lab tests you send.  I will not take this time during the appointment and, therefore, must have adequate time beforehand. I have found that the easiest thing is for you to begin your diet log immediately and return everything as soon as the 7 day diet log has been completed. When this is not done, it often gets forgotten; and then all of a sudden your materials cannot reach me the required 7 business days in advance of your appointment.

Before I forget….There is a $125.00 fee which secures your  consultation appointment time for the mini or 6 week camp as well as covers the cost of the 1-1.45 hours of my time I need to review your initial questionnaires, labs, sleep, food and exercise diaries and to prepare your personalized presentation. The moment I receive the $125.00 fee, I will send you our new client/patient package filled with all the questionnaires within 48 hours. This covers shipping as well as my time…  If you live in town you may pick the packet up at the studio or I will email them to you. If you are including a partner an additional $125 is needed for them as well. You may do this at our initial visit or when you bring in your 7-10 days of sleep, food and exercise diaries, patient health survey, health history and health and lifestyle questionnaires. Full Payment of your Boot camp is due upon booking your appointment with me unless you are paying by the 3 payments offered below.

So often it’s beneficial for you to bring with you a spouse, partner, or other family member if this person will be involved in your weight loss, lifestyle change and healing process. Skeptics are welcome, so please feel free to bring this important person (but do not force them to come) twist their arm a bit? hmm maybeeeee!,) even if they are not a believer in alternative, holistic and complementary health modalities. We will be teaching you and them how to “work-in” before you “workout.”

How Much?

My initial fees for a single person “The Transformation” Boot Camp is currently $1270.00. If we feel that you need a extreme wellness makeover I will suggest our 10 week “I Want My Body Back” total transformation and wellness boot camp. I will apply the $1270 towards the $1941 cost to get your body back!

*Additional Fees can include lab work, Eb cellular cleanse, structural re-alignment, opening neural pathways, and medical Qigong treatments.

If you would like to bring a spouse, partner or child there is an additional $675 charge for Transform and $925 for the “I want my body back”. This covers the extra time and follow up as well as extra books, DVD’s, CD’s, emails, phone calls… and any other materials needed to insure your successes. For additional info on what is offered in the different boot camps that can be found back on the website by clicking on the Nutritional Boot camps link and scrolling down to the various camps we offer. (Note) Some spouses and partners do not do to well coming in together and have completely different needs and wants not to mention may need my undivided attention. In such cases the fees are as if the partner or spouse came in on their own.

** We do offer our very popular entry level mini boot camp starting at only $497.  Our Basic Training Metabolic Typing Mini Boot Camp is called “The Trial”. It offers an in-depth and very affordable  entry level approach. The information is life changing as well as the two weeks of pre testing with the health and lifestyle questionnaires, personal advanced metabolic typing questionnaire with personal menu and specific foods that work for you and no one else, sleep, food and exercise diaries and DVD learning as mentioned above. For complete details click on Basic Training Metabolic Typing Boot Camp there is a whole page dedicated to all the life changing features of “The Trial” boot camp. You may be asked to do a lab test at your option and there is the extra cost for your lab work.

Appointments are only scheduled by phone and not by email, although you will receive an email confirmation of your booked time from my software company mind body online. I do accept Visa, Master card, American Express, checks and cash. You will receive a loaner copy of our two and a half hour video Flatten Your Abs Forever if you enroll in the  “The Trial” Basic Training Metabolic Typing Boot Camp or The Dr. Getoff 3 DVD series on the “Principles of Healthy Eating.” If you are a new recruit for any of the other boot camps the Flatten Your Abs Forever DVD is included in your boot camp and is yours to keep. The others must be returned at the time of your first appointment _______initial

What do I do when I get the questionnaires Ingo?

  1. Answer each question with the response that is best for you. I recommend that you make two copies of each because it is my hope that you will be testing again as you progress. It is extremely important to answer the questions accurately and honestly as possible. There are not right or wrong answers. Supply the response that most accurately describes you, not what you think you should answer.
  2. When answering the questions, forget everything you have been told about what you should eat and should not eat. Answer the questions based on your gut instincts to how you would prefer to eat if you could eat whatever you innately desire.
  3. Total up your scores for each questionnaire. There are numbers in parentheses after each answer add up the number corresponding to each of your responses to get your total score for the sections
  4. Graph your scores on the appropriate graphs that came with that section or set of questionnaires
  5. 5. Calculate your total score by adding up the scores for each section in boxes below.

You are welcome to complete and return them immediately if you wish. Some people have made themselves very unhappy when they forgot to get their forms in at least 7 days early and I had to re-schedule their consultation generally 1-2 months later at my next available time slot.  By the way, your appointment may be rescheduled as many times as your hectic life requires or even transferred to another family member, as long as you give me a minimum of 7 days notice so that I have adequate time to fill that spot in my calendar.

Please note and remember that you need to keep the 7-10 day sleep, food and exercise diaries BEFORE watching the video or DVD series. I NEED to know how you generally eat, not the new diet you may institute after you learn a great deal of new information from the video!

 Private Sessions are held at our offices in Palm Desert, California unless you live out of town.

  • Live out of town? Have a family member or friend that needs some accountability, motivation or perhaps extreme wellness makeover? Holistic lifestyle and nutritional boot camps, as well as follow up coaching sessions are also available Tele Coaching/Email/Fed-ex.

We’ll ship you all the materials as well as your personalized presentation and action plan. If you have a web cam that’s great! We can talk by phone as well as see one another… If not we will do everything by phone and email. I have many “Real People with Real Results” on the See Success’ link.   

  • Fitness Forever approach is one that helps and narrows the gap between thought and action. Through information, inspiration, and guidance, we provide principles that invoke and produce specific results that reflect desired outcomes and intended experience. We call it conscious training. Our approach to nutritional and holistic lifestyle coaching is highly compliant. So there is a fair amount of accountability and assignments that will get you back in shape and good health.


  • Kinesiology & muscle testing integration techniques and total body detoxification can be a part of your healing protocol….I use the services of Dr. Robert Haberkorn, a highly gifted and trained D.C., Medical Qigong and Tai Chi Master. I highly recommend his services and his fees are very reasonable

I look forward to coaching you through this multi-dimensional plan to elevate you to a new place of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Remember, you are not alone any longer!

Sincerely, Ingo G. Logé

Ingo G. Logé and the Fitness Forever Team     



Prices of all boot camps are below  

Ps… Remember you are unique! The way we respond to food, exercise and stress varies person to person just like our fingerprints. These boot camps will identify YOUR individual needs and teach you how to address issues that may be preventing you from looking and feeling your best.

  • Follow my proven method that has helped so many of our clients before you. Whether you want to lose weight, change your body shape, overcome a health challenge or optimize an already active lifestyle, our boot camps will teach you how to reach your full potential.


Print_________________________________________ Agrees To The Terms __________Date

Signature______________________________________ Agrees To The Terms __________Date





                “The Trial”
   Basic Training Mini Boot Camp… What You Receive:

5 Week Mini Camp


  • Three  Private 1 Hour  Coaching Sessions To Fine Tune Every Aspect Of Your Nutritional And Lifestyle Plan
  • Your Own Copy of The Metabolic Typing Diet Book By William Wolcott
  • One “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy” Field Manual By Paul Chek
  •  Plus: 2 Weeks of Pre-Testing With Our “Chek Proprietary” Food, Exercise and Sleep Diaries, Health and Lifestyle Questionnaires and Series I Questionnaires. Sleep And Circadian Rhythms, Digestive Health, Toxicity,  You Are What You Eat and When You Eat It,
  •  Pre Testing 2.5 hour DVD “Flatten Your Abs Forever!” By Paul Chek
  • Comprehensive Advanced Metabolic Typing Test; review of health history, and current dietary analysis and print out of your metabolic fingerprint for food. (what foods really works best with your system) Your Own Personalized Cooking and Shopping Recommendations and Menu Plan
  • 7-10 Day Cleanse
  • 5 Star Follow Up Email Support and Phone Support As Needed  (limited to 3 five minute calls) 
  • *Adrenal Hormonal Stress and Metabolic Profile #205-S or #201 is recommended and can be ordered for an additional charge.


 “The Trial”

  Is valued at $497 or 3 payments of $165


“The Transformation”

    5 Week All Inclusive Boot Camp  


  • 3 Additional Private Coaching Sessions  are needed over the next 3 weeks
  • Your Own Copy of The Metabolic Typing Diet Book By William Wolcott
  •  One “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy” Field Manual By Paul Chek
  • 2 Weeks of Pre-Testing With Our “Chek Proprietary” Food, Exercise and Sleep Diaries, Health And Lifestyle 1-2 Questionnaires, Food Allergy Screening, Toxic Office and Home Screening, Advanced Immune, Liver, Digestive, Musculoskeletal Screening & Advanced Series II Questionnaires
  • Eating for Optimal Health 3 DVD series by CCN and Naturopath David Getoff. Used for education during the first 2 weeks of pre-screening.
  • 2.5 Hour DVD Presentation “Flatten Your Abs Forever!” By Paul Chek.  
  • Comprehensive Advanced Metabolic Typing Test; review of health history, and current dietary analysis and print out of your metabolic fingerprint for food. (what foods really works best with your system) Personalized Cooking, Shopping Recommendations and Menu Plan
  • Includes a 21 Day Phase One Body Cleanse and Detox Food Plan
  • 30 day supply of foundational, Nutraceutical grade supplements ($200 value)
  • BioHealth #205 Adrenal Stress Profile $375 value. See adrenal testing profile overview below
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Principles to incorporate into daily life.  Principles of the Four Doctors are introduced and layered on each other session by session. Nutraceutical Supplement Protocol for weight loss, increased energy, control over food cravings and stress, and improvement in well being!
  • Follow Up Email Support and Phone Support As Needed  (limited to 4  five minute calls) 
  • 100% Money back guarantee certificate


“The Transformation”

Is Valued at $1,270 or 3 payments of $42


    “I want my body back!”

10 Week All Inclusive


  • Initial2.5- 3 Hour Advanced Questionnaire Results Review Consultation and Recommendations + 6 Private Tele Coaching Sessions
  • Your Own Copy of “The Metabolic Typing Diet” Book By William Wolcott
  • One “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy” Field Manual By Paul Chek
  • 2 Weeks of Pre-Testing With Our “Chek Proprietary” Food, Exercise and Sleep Diaries, Health And Lifestyle 1 Questionnaires, Food Allergy Screening, Toxic Office and Home Screening, Advanced Immune, Liver, Digestive, Musculoskeletal Screening and  Questionnaires
  • Eating for Optimal Health 3 DVD series by CCN and Naturopath David Getoff. Used for education during the first 2 weeks of pre-screening.
  • 2.5 Hour DVD Presentation “Flatten Your Abs Forever!” By Paul Chek.  
  • Comprehensive Advanced Metabolic Typing Test; review of health history, and current dietary analysis and print out of your metabolic fingerprint for food. (what foods really works best with your system) Personalized Cooking, Shopping Recommendations and Menu Plan
  • Includes a 21 Day Phase one body cleanse and detox food plan
  • 30 day supply of foundational, Nutraceutical grade supplements ($200 value)
  •  Personalized Supplement Protocol for metabolic rate, balanced emotions, increased energy, control over food cravings, and improved adrenal function
  • BioHealth Advanced Adrenal Stress Profile/With Bowel Immunity Testing 
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Principles to incorporate into daily life.  Principles of the 4 Doctors are introduced, taught and layered on each other session by session.  Weekly Fieldwork sessions are required and tracked
  • 8 Advanced learning CDs “You Are What You Eat”  I want my body back boot camp study course and educational materials
  • Follow Up Email Support and Phone Support As Needed  (limited to 6 five minute calls)   100% Money back guarantee certificate include

“I want my body back

 Is valued” at $1,941 or 3 payments of $647




Functional Adrenal Profiles


Is Stress Making Your Pants To Tight…Find Out 
Ever wonder… why you can’t lose weight?  Are you gaining weight for no reason?  Unexplained fatigue, headaches or pain in neck, shoulders or low back?  Experience unknown origins of irritability or mood swings?  Memory loss of things you feel should be simply remembered?

    • Salivary testing is the most accurate way to determine active hormone levels
    • Convenient and non-invasive collection
    • Determines your body’s ability to manage stress and respond to therapies
  • An important part of every longevity and anti-aging program   price: $395


Digestive Pathogen Screen


One of the most common and unidentified causes of many health complaints is the pathogenic invasion of the gastrointestinal tract! 
Ever experience food cravings, heartburn, intestinal gas, inability to lose weight, constipation or diarrhea, menstrual irregularities; or been diagnosed with “IBS”, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, etc?

  • Receive positive detection of parasites and other sources of gut Dysbiosis
  • Demonstrates tangible evidence of infections or imbalances that contribute to suboptimal health
  • 5 specimens collected… in comparison to the 2 or 3 that other labs use
  • Additional yeast and fungus cultures measured for optimal results 

Even with absolutely no digestive complaints, one can have unresolved health issues and develop degenerative disease, due to pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract.    Price: $494 -$695




                         Overview of Adrenal Testing

  • Sample required: 4 vials with 3 mL each of saliva
  • Lab reporting time: 3 – 4 business days

The Functional Adrenal Stress Profile requires a series of four time specific saliva collections (morning, noon, afternoon and nighttime) during a typical day on which cortisol is measured to establish its circadian rhythm. Additionally, the sulfated form of DHEA (DHEA-S) is measured on the noon and afternoon samples and the average of those results is reported. Assessing the cortisol rhythm and DHEA-S average is a critical first step in new patient evaluation as well as a fundamental component in follow-up studies.


Cortisol, which is best known for stimulating gluconeogenesis, is essential for normal glycogenolysis. Cortisol affects the heart, vasculature, blood pressure, water excretion, and electrolyte balance. It mobilizes protein stores in all tissues except the liver; it mobilizes fatty acids from adipose; it is the precursor of cortisone and acts as an anti-inflammatory; and it is the primary hormone directing immune function. Cortisol can stimulate or inhibit gene transcription, promote apoptosis, and affect bone metabolism and calcium dynamics. It affects behavior, mood, neural activity, and a variety of central nervous system biochemical processes. Cortisol affects the eyes, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive function, and the production and clearance of other classes of hormones. It is a major marker of the complex control loops regulating the sex hormones. The general effect of excess cortisol is usually stimulatory and catabolic; a deficiency of cortisol usually results in a slowing of physiology.

The salivary free fraction of the adrenal cortisol output is reported because of its high clinical correlation to accurately assess adrenal function. To determine the cortisol circadian rhythm, four individual cortisol levels is taken at specified intervals throughout the day: in the morning between 6 and 8 a.m., between 12 and 1 p.m., in the late afternoon around 4 or 5 p.m., and at nighttime between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m.

In the presence of stressors, the body almost immediately attempts to increase cortisol levels. This increase is associated with both endocrine and autonomic responses in preparing the body to defend itself normally. However, elevated cortisol levels for extended periods negatively affect virtually every aspect of physiology. For example, it becomes more difficult to maintain proper blood sugar levels; to slow down for rest, recovery, and repair; to get good quality sleep; to balance other hormones; to maintain mucosal immune integrity; to maintain bone mass, to produce effective general immune function; to effectively regulate inflammatory processes; or to detoxify the body. Without proper intervention, continued high adrenal stimulation can lead to adrenal exhaustion and lowered cortisol levels. Eventually adrenal or cardiac failure can occur.

DHEA is the major precursor of testosterone and the estrogens. It becomes active at puberty. In this profile, the more stable, sulfated form of DHEA, DHEA-S is measured, providing a more reliable measure of DHEA levels than measuring DHEA directly. DHEA is an important modulator of many physiological processes. It promotes the growth and repair of protein tissue (especially muscle), and acts as a counter-regulatory agent to cortisol, negating many of the harmful effects of continued excess cortisol. When increased demand for cortisol is prolonged, DHEA levels decline. DHEA then is no longer able to balance the negative effects of excess cortisol. Depressed DHEA levels serve as an early warning of potential adrenal exhaustion. In fact, adrenal exhaustion is evidenced by an elevated ratio of the sum of the four cortisol measurements to the DHEA-S average. (The ideal level of the aforementioned ratio is 5 or 6:1)

A chronic imbalance between adrenal stimulation and cortisol and/or DHEA output is associated with a multitude of both clinical and subclinical systemic disorders. Chronically depressed DHEA output results in an imbalance in sex hormones. Abnormal cortisol and/or DHEA values (either elevated or depressed) result in a decrease in the activity of the immunocytes that produce secretory IgA (sIgA). SIgA provides a mucosal first-line immune defense against virtually every pathogen, including parasites, protozoa, yeasts, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. SIgA also provides a normal immune response to regularly encountered food proteins. Dysfunctional mucosal immunity is associated with an increased risk of infections and of adverse food reactions.

Clinical Use
The degree and timing of cortisol imbalances provide the healthcare professional with valuable insights into the nature of causative stressors, and allow the practitioner to formulate remedial protocols (refer to BioHealth’s Adrenal and Metabolic Interpretive Guide). Readily identifiable inducers of increased adrenal stimulation include stressors such as tissue damage, inflammation, pain, and mental or emotional stress. Other significant physiological stressors can be subclinical, and include intolerance to the gliadin fraction of gluten protein, lactose or sucrose intolerance, glycemic dysregulation, delayed food sensitivity, and infection with viruses, bacteria parasites and/or other pathogens. Additional testing may be necessary to rule out the possibility of these and other factors interfering with digestion and absorption and creating inflammation and stress on adrenal glands. These types of problems could impede absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients, and the maintenance of normal blood sugar. Chronic dysfunction of any of these processes is a sufficient cause of adrenal exhaustion. Physiological pathways, organs, or systems identified as being the major cause of some other disorder may concurrently serve as causative agents in adrenal exhaustion. In most cases, regardless of the priority given to another pathway, organ, or system as being dysfunctional–and virtually regardless of the condition identified–adrenal exhaustion resulting from excessive stress must be addressed and rectified in order to restore normal physiology or function.

Conditions Assessed
Conditions that may be assessed include adrenal exhaustion, often misdiagnosed as hypothyroid, but may include a hypothyroid condition as well; systemic hyper- or hypo-excitability, whether of suspected neural or hormonal origin, including suspected thyroid, pancreatic, and sex hormone disorders; states of immunodeficiency; and states of abnormal physiological response to any of a variety of stimuli including foods in the normal diet.

Logical Sequence of Testing
The logical sequence of using this test as an initial or as a follow-up test is determined by a variety of individual considerations, including the patient’s chief complaint, the array of signs and symptoms, the chronicity of the condition, the tests previously taken, and the judgment of the practitioner. Technical assistance is available from BioHealth Diagnostics’ support staff.

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