Emergency Behavior Triage

This is Emergency In Home Visit Content FAST ACCESS TO THE HELP YOU NEED.

For urgent concerns that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled session, we offer our Emergency Triage Training opportunity. This premium service allows you to “cut the line” and get some relief right away. If you have a training emergency where you cannot wait for one of our standard private sessions, then this is an option to get you the help you need and get you in touch with a professional RIGHT AWAY.

Get immediate intervention for aggression, reactivity, profound fear, and a variety of other problems. When you sign up for Emergency Triage Training you will get a call from Ingo within 24-48 hours. You will also have the opportunity to schedule a 1:1 session with me either In-Person or over Zoom (depending on where you live) as quickly as possible.


  • Immediate access to a me so you can get relief from behavior struggles
    “Cut the line” and bypass waiting times so you don’t have to wait several weeks for help
  • Get support from a professional QUICKLY so that you get peace of mind
  • Get a call within 24-48 hours to discuss immediate safety concerns so that you and your loved ones (including your dog) stay safe!
  • Get an In-Home or Zoom session ASAP so we can get hands-on right away
    Need to Know
  • Fee is $400 including sales tax.

Your phone call will be within 24-48 hours.