Get in The Best Shape Of Your Life!


Our Eat, Move and Live Better Program Will Make Feel Younger. Smarter and Stronger

This is a 6-week or 12 week workshop/interactive course. and is our signature program. You WILL change your life forever!  So expect results from great to amazing and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

This will be a customized plan  of action where you’ll learn.

  • How to proportion your meals based on your DNA to achieve your optimal weight.
  • You’ll have an exercise, movement and flexibility program that works for you.
  • Understand the major impacts stress has on your body in 2020
  • Discover How getting to sleep at a certain time will change your health and body forever
  • You’ll overcome unwanted symptoms such as, acid reflux, joint pain, inflammation, bloating, headaches, irritable bowel, acne and many more by eating the right foods for your skeletal structure, DNA, and nutrtritional type and making certain lifestyle choices.

Private Fitness Training

In Home Personal Training In Dallas or Train In Our Private Fitness Studio Here In Dallas!

Whether you want to lose weight, build up your confidence, regain your full range of mobility, perhaps improve your posture and core strenght or prepare for a specific sport or lose weight fora an event. Ingo will guide you every step of the way to reach your optimal goal.

We will work with you throughout each one to one session, teaching you new skills, improving your techniques, motivating and encouraging you during the tougher times. Your training program and progress will be logged directly into our private online members area, making it easier for you to follow your new routine and for us to monitor your progress.

To enhance your personal training experience and maximize your time, we can deliver your training session in the comfort of your own home, in a gym or in the local park at a time to suit you each week. Sessions last 30- 45- or 70 minutes, and are tailor made for you and are all tracked on our online members area allowing you to confidently reach your goals.

With Essential and Advanced personal training plans available, why not get in touch for your initial consultation? 

Online Nutrition and Fitness Training With Ingo

This 10 million dollar platform is the best in the world and used by so many of our professtional athletes and corporate executives! Best of all we have made it so affordable and if you bring a friend they get 50% off so you can split the cost and save money!

This program is tailor made for those with busy professional lives, who travel a lot or work shifts. Enjoy the benefits of personal training, still achieving your goals through individual coaching and guidance, keeping you up to date with the best training program to suit your requirements.

This service offers ongoing support from Ingo plus weekly private online session for accountability. Ingo will be adjusting your fitness and nutrition goals each month and guiding you through your new fitness program.

Track your progress and access our training through logging in directly into our own private online members area. Delivered daily to your inbox with weekly accountability calls and daily support via email, sms, and daily workouts and lessons.

$149 Per Month

Private In Home Stiff Guy Yoga, Body Regeneration, and Qi Gong Training

Why not sign up! Can’t bend over & touch your toes? Stiff Guy Yoga (Gals too) can help and is here to help demystify the practice of yoga.

This class is for guys and gals who have limited mobility or stiff muscles. If you want to explore flexibility or are looking for a perfect complement to a different sport (golf, tennis, running, etc.) this class is a must!

Ingo will  guide you through a gentle class designed to build strength and gain flexibility at a natural pace to allow a gentle release of tight muscles and tendons. You will also have access to the latest

regeneration tools, rollers, vibration and compression modalities

Whether you, “aren’t flexible enough for yoga,” or you are sore from a strenuous activity needing relief, Stiff Guy Yoga is your yoga. Plan on 50 Minutes.

From $45

Ingo Has Been Educated and Certified Through Some of The Best Institutions In The World


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What You Should Know About Pack Drive and Your Dog

What is "Pack Drive?" Trainers disagree on what pack drive is. In fact, some doubt that it even exists. While dog training is not breed specific, dog drive is heavily influenced by genetics.  Hounds follow their noses, terriers catch and kill critters, setters and...

Myths and Facts About Housebreaking and Training a Dog

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Top 10 Questions To Ask @ Your Local Farmers Market

Here is # 7 & 8… You will have to click to see the rest! 7. “How do you control weeds for your crops?” Organic farmers use all types of methods to suppress weeds but generally don’t require a completely weed-free field, and with good reason. As long as soil quality is high, even a weedier field will produce the same yields as a chemical field, according to research done by the Rodale Institute, an organic research farm near Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Organic methods include using cover crops, mulching, cultivation, and if it’s a smaller operation, even hand-weeding.

8. “How are bugs and pests controlled?” Biodiversity is a major part of organic farming. Farmers who install wildlife corridors and pollinator plantings, including meadows, will attract beneficial inspects into the field to prey on pests that like to eat crops. Bugs are only bad in processed foods. There are also organic-approved pest-control products on the market. If your farmer uses them, ask for the product name, and check to see if it’s on the OMRI list.

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